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Posted:After trying to hunt down where to buy poi from in bristol (I know it is in the threads somewhere, but it was not easy to find and if I didn't know it existed I wouldn't of found it)

I was wondering if we could make the first post in these threads more useful.... I may be wrong and I most certainly propbably haven't got the best format for it yet , but that is what these forums are for ... ideas....

SO how about
for example the Cymru thread the first post may look something like this (I choose this one cos Non has already started the idea here)

Cymru Thread

op o' the morning wales based poiple! this is the thread for all things wales based, although the crew is mostly based in the land of taff currently with a sizeable offshoot in the land of tawe, please talk about funky things all over cymru in this thread!!

so, for the uninitiated, here is an exciting list of regular poi activities for the wales based....

weavesmiley Cardiff/Caerdydd: weavesmiley

smile Tuesday nights, 9pm (ish) at the Hawaiian club on City Road, you can play with fire and glo things in a semi performance kind of space, with lots of food and drink and stuff.

smile Thursday nights, 8-10pm, come along to Ebenezer Church (Charles Street, around the back of Burger King and Next) for nofitstate circus' community juggling club, for poi and all sorts of other exciting juggle arts. It's just 2.

at other unspecified times, the stone circle in Coopers Field, here is a place where poiple hang out on the odd occasion, watch this thread for specific details...

juggle Juggling Shops juggle
Don't know of any

hug HoP people in town hug
Rossco Bossco

weavesmiley Swansea/Abertawe: weavesmiley

smile Circus Eruption is based in Swansea and they run a juggling club for young people, also frequently advertise in the Big Issue for volunteers to help out, but i don't know anything else about location or anything for that at the moment.....

juggle Juggling Shops juggle
Don't know of any

hug HoP people in town hug

everything else happens spontaneously in or around this thread, so please introduce yourself in this thread and come hang out with the coolest poiple in wales.....

Delete Topic

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Posted:can we make a generic sticky thread like in the introductions section?

I think this is a really good idea!




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Posted:hmmm... liking the smileyness of it... reckon we need them in cymru for proper like.... and indeed we had a fine idea, everyone should copy it. the best things always start in wales, like leeks, and sheep, where would we be without sheep??

now i'm being silly, so i shall leave and steal some smileyness to take to cymru thread....

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Posted:Agreed a very good idea... *goes off to modify thread biggrin

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