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Gooooooood morning HOP

Am back in the USA until the end of the month and therefore back online as well ... Missed you

As i travel I have a book in which the people I meet can write poems, stories or ... recepies ...

This is how I have learnt how to make proper ceviche, bake my own bread, make enchiladas in salsa verde etc ...

I figured we could all share receipies ?

SOL S BREAD (that is the name of the dfriend who gave me teh receipie)

2 FULL SOUP SPOONS (ya know ... da big ones ... watcha call it again ?) of unrefined sugar OR honey OR sugar
2 FULL SOUP SPOONS (ditto) of dry grain yeast
3 cups of WHEAT (1 1/2 of white wheat and 1 1/2 or wholewheat)
1 full soup spoon of salt
6 full soup spoons of oil (3 of regular and 3 of olive oil)
sunflower seeds or olives or sundried tomatoes or anything you want the bread to taste like ...

Mix lukewarm water with sugar. then add yeast and cover to let raise for 5/6 minutes.

in teh meantime put wheat and salt in a large bowl as well as the oil (I would recommend seeing how the yeast part goes before adding the oil though cause yeast can be tricky !!)
Once yeast has raised (probably not the proper word ???) put everything togetehr and mix gently with wooden spoon for short time.

Cover and let rest for 15 minutes

Now is whenyou need musKles a bit ....
put the dough on a table where you have spread some white wheat first and start massage the dough (i know it is not teh right word I mean petrir in French or amasar in spanish ... anyone help ?) little by little yiou add some white wheat to it so it sticks less while you are "massaging" it in order to let air bubbles be trapped in it.
Massage for 10 minutes
Then add whatever seeds you wish and massage again for 5 minutes
Put back in large bowl and cover and let it raise for 45/60 minutes

it is now almost double of the volume...

cut in two pieces or three or ... give it teh shape you want and pre heat the oven (medium temperature) put bread on a plate for oven with a bit of wheat on it and let bake for 45/55 minutes

Bread is ready and then ... ENJOY

Shine on

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Serves 6

3 -4 lb chicken Sauce:
lemon 1oz butter
tspn salt 2 tblspn flour
1/8 tspn pepper tspn dried tarragon
tspn dried tarragon 2 egg yolks
3 carrots, sliced 5 tblspn single cream
1 onion, sliced or chopped salt
1 bay leaf pepper
2 parsley sprigs
pint chicken stock
6 tblspn white wine

Put the chiclen in a pan with the giblets and the first group of ingredients.
Cover and simmer for about 1 hour or until tender.
Remove the bird from the pan, skin and joint it and, if liked, remove the bones. Keep the chicken hot.
Strain the cooking liquor into a measuring jug and make it up to pint with water if necessary.
Heat the butter in a pan, blend in the flour and cook for one minute.
Add the chicken liquor and bring to the boil, stirring.
Add the tarragon and simmer for 3 mins.
Blend together the egg yolks and cream.
Add 4 tblspn of sauce to the egg mixture then return it to the pan.
Check the seasoning, add the chicken pieces and heat through, without simmering , for 5 mins.
Serve with rice.

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I recomend that you all translate the song die von satan by tool for a good cookie recipy.

and no eggs needed.


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Vegan Chocolate and Brazil Nut Cookies

My basic cookie dough recipe, with oatmeal, brazil nuts and chocolate chips. Makes 9 decent sized cookies.

Serves/Portions: 9
Prep Time: 30 mins

100g Margerine
100g White Self-raising Flour
100g Brown Sugar
50g Medium Oatmeal
30g Chocolate
1 tsp Baking Powder
20g Brazil Nuts


1) Heat your oven to 180 degrees. Cream the sugar and margerine in a bowl.

2) Add the flour, oatmeal and baking powder, then mix thoroughly.

3) Chop the chocolate and brazil nuts into small chunks and stir in to the mixture.

4) Place greaseproof paper on the baking sheet and divide the mixture into 9 flattened balls on it. Leave enough space for them to spread out, because they will!

5) Bake for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown. Dont overcook.

6) Allow to cool slightly before enjoying, they will firm up as they do so.

More vegan chocolate cookies on my site here:

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Yeah yeah yeah, I'm like a month late...
Since I have plans to open a bakery, I had to post. Many people are afraid of cheese cake but this wont be painful. Follow the instructions and I promise it wont crack! As fast as the box and way better.

Chocolate Truffle Cheescake:

1 C finely crushed graham crackers, or vanilla wafers
1/3 C cocoa
C confectionary sugar
5 TB melted butter

-Mix until well combined, press into the bottom of a 9 inch springform.

In a large bowl:

24 oz cream cheese
1 can sweetened condensed milk( not sure of the size, Its about a cup, cup and a quarter)
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 C melted chocolate chips

Pour in to the chilled crust. Tap it flat on the counter firmly yet gently to remove any air bubbles (they can make your cheesecake crack). Bake at 325 F for 1 hour five minutes. DONT OVER BAKE IT. Open the oven and let it cool in the oven for ten minutes. Take it you and run a thin knife around the edge of the pan. Cool on the counter for a hour. Then chill in the fridge over night. Take out 30 minutes before serving. Slice, top with real whipped cream and serve.

-make sure the cream cheese is room temperature or the ingredients wont mix right
-Use real cream chesse(philly) not the neufaltal(sp?) stuff that tastes like paste.
I like ghiradelli bittersweet chips, but again use whatever you like.
-the center circle of the cheese cake will be jiggly like jello. About 4-5 inch diameter. This is correct. Dont bake it more than 1hour 10 minutes. You cheesecake will most likely crack all the way to the bottom and taste very dry if you do. Dont worry take it out. It will set up in the fridge overnight.

This may be obvious, but always used the best ingredients you can get your hands on. Good ingredients and great ingredients are the difference between great desserts and absolutely amazing ones.

have fun kids! biggrin

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this dosnt't exactly have a name, but hey.....

ingrediants: 10 mars bars, several packets of sponge fingers and lost of friends!

method: melt down all the mars bars in a big saucpan and dunk the sponge fingers in the glop ubbrollsmile

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Cass, i'm sorry but i think your idea has already been done

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Kickass creamy pasta! ubblove
Its easy, you will need: onion, garlic, bacon or veges (depends on what u are up for!), butter, big flat brown mushrooms, white wine, double cream, herbs of some description, and flat pasta (prolly tagliatelle or something similar).

Wash your hands! Dice onion and
as much garlic as you can handle, bacon rashers (if you are so inclined, otherwise put some veges in!)

Saute in butter (or similar) for a few minutes, then

add sum of those big flat brown mushrooms, diced and cook a bit longer. Let it cool down a bit then add a healthy glug of nice white wine - no boiling kids, the alco will evaporate - and some double cream. (sorry, I'm not much of a one for measurements and it depends how boozy and or thick you like the sauce! Experiment biggrin). Also chuck in a spoonful of herbs (dried or fresh, prolly basil or whatever is knocking about the pantry ubbangel).

Because you are a amazing, you will have a pot of pasta-y goodness going while you do this. I like tagliatelle or any flat spaghetti type action. So drain the water from the cooked pasta and pour the sauce into the pot, stir and serve with salt and pepper. ubblove ubblove

Its as easy as it sounds and pretty spesh results. Actually if people are prepared to chip in for ingredients I could be convinced to make it at the next poi gathering ubbidea

I said perhaps, and thats FINAL.

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[post deleted]
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Easy "majic " brownies( or muffins)

what you need
1 pack of easy brownie mix(the add an egg and oil kind)or muffins < I prefer the pumkin .
1 egg
1/3 cup veggie oil,
enuff of the green stuff to almost saturate the oil, aboot half oz.grinded well,if you have that much keif it will work better.

simply heat the oil in a small saucepan,till just simmering,add ganj.lower heat to low ,
let simmer and stir often for about 20 or 30 minutes
drain the oil , you will have to let it cool so you can squeeze all the exess oil from the green.I use a thick paper towel or coffe filter.
now siply follow directions on package substituting the green oil ( you may want to add a little extra oil to make them moist,
now you have superstone brownies without the green hunks.

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Aha! After a feast of tea and cakes at juggle club tonight, and being asked to post this recipe, I started another thread... But now I've been pointed in the right direction, (thanks flid!) I hereby *BUMP* this Cook Book with ...

heart Moist Treacle Gingerloaf heart

So easy to make!! Yummy to eat fresh, or warm with cream or even a few days later cold with butter. Easily transportable to juggle jams, festivals, parks and other places people get hungry.... I always make at least two at once cos it's so easy and they get eaten so fast...

3/4 cup plain flour (use spelt if you don't like wheat flour)

1/4 cup self raising flour

1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon mixed spice

1 teaspoon ground ginger (however much you like really... I like it spicy)

and a fair scrape of freshly grated nutmeg if you have it..)

1/2 cup castor sugar (or really fine brown sugar.. use less)

1 egg

1/2 cup milk (or soy)

60g butter

1/2 cup treacle

Mix sifted flours, sugar, spices and soda. Stir in combined egg and milk. Melt butter in a small saucepan and add treacle. Heat them together but don't boil. Stir into flour mixture.

(it will look really runny....)

Pour into a loaf pan. To prepare the pan: grease it, line with baking paper and also grease the paper. Do this even if it's a non-stick pan. It sounds fiddly but the extra minute's work is worth it so it cooks properly and comes out of the pan really easily.

Cook for 50 minutes at about 180*C. Leave to stand for 5 minutes then turn it onto a wire rack to cool.

Enjoy! You can eat it warm if you don't want to wait!

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Ultimate Pizza! cheap too

2pack Garlic & coriander naan bread

1 can chopped tomatoes


1 ball mozarella

1 red onion

finely chop half the onion and the basil and throw into the tomatoes then attack with blender.

heat sauce till nice n thick and stuff

slice leftover onion into rings

spread sauceover naan breads and throw cheese and onion on top

throw on any other toppings (any bits left from last night's roast chicken, or salami/chorizo/pepperoni/pepperami)

oven it til it's done

open mouth

shove it it



bake for 24 hours


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Ok, so...

Gooey chocolate cake:

I bar of 70% Cocoa dark chocolate
3 Oz Flour
3 Oz sugar
3 Oz Marg (though refer to Lightenings Spice butter - would work fantastically well)
2 Eggs

Place marg and chocolate (broken up) into a Ban-Marie (saucepan of boiling water with a glass bowl over the top - water not touching the bowl). Allow this to melt (and dont stir!) and not to quick, or allow water to evaporate.

Meanwhile, sift the flower and add the sugar.

Prepare four ramikins (can use a single cake tin but it is not nearly so gooey and more like a sponge) by greasing and then lightly dusting with flour.

When the chocolate has melted, mix into your flour and sugar. Then add the eggs when it has cooled a little.

Place in preheated oven at about 180 (gas mark 5?) for 10 minutes. Serve with a lovely thick organic cream or icecream and hmmmm......

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*insert name here*

get a glass of icecream
leave it till it melts



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Instant pizza and melted icecream... mmmmm. You chaps know how to live it up! Have you tried getting a glass of pizza and leaving it till it melts?

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Little slow catch this train Gabe but I'm here now!

Ok here is The Hommous which has guest-starred at Juggle Jam on occasion. I don't know what exactly makes it The Hommous - maybe it's the way I sing to it while it's in the blender. Here 'tis:

* blend one can chickpeas till smooth (be sure to remove chickpeas from can first as I have found that when people want chip n' dip they don't mean chipping their teeth on splintered can)

* add olive oil, keep blending

* add 1-2 (dep. on size) cloves FRESH chopped garlic - I said fresh people, not bottled

* add juice of one lemon

* add coriander, chilli, cumin, salt and pepper

* keep blending (and singing)

* add a teaspoon or two of tahini, blend

add more of any ingredient if needed

serve with love hug

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Serious? this thread is still alive??? wow

shucks... reminds me i never did put it all together like I said I would ooooops ooooops ooooops

hmmm... where can i dig a hole big enough to hide ???

but hey, keep them coming anyway...

hmmm food

I am hungry now biggrin

shine on

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twirling makes people hungry.

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easy chicken...

make a doe (lots of it) and roll out about 1cm thick...
take a large chicken, rub with (olive) oil and add spice as per preferance.

wrap in newsprint!

insert in oven +/- 180DegC for 2hours...
in sert into hole Under large fire +/- 2.5hours...

you don't have to eat the crispy doe (unless you made a really nice one!)
The chicken will melt into your mouth!

Regards hug

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Cheese and vegemite toast - nuff said. biggrin

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See.. here's the original HoP cookbook thread.


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this is a bit off the topic of recipes, but i am really bad at searches. i knew this thread existed, and tried to find it so i could bump it before anyone posted on the other one, for ease of deletion. but i could for the life of me find it. i typed in "hop cook book" into the search box, and this didn't come up. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

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Spanish Flan (old family recipe/Dessert/Vegetarian/Serves 6-8)


4 C whole milk
6 large eggs (or 7 medium)
1 C sugar divided in two
1 tsp. vanilla

Instructions (Begin the day before you plan to serve)
1) Preheat oven to 350F. Fill a baking pan (~9x12) about a half inch full of hot water and place in the oven while it heats.

2) Beat the eggs and vanilla in a large mixing bowl with a whisk or electric mixer.

3) In a small saucepan over medium-high heat, melt 1/2 C sugar in a small saucepan, stirring occasionally until completely brown and melted. *DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE SUGAR WHILE IT IS ON THE HEAT OR IT WILL BURN!!!!*

4) Pour the melted sugar into a 2 qt. PYREX bowl and *IMMEDIATELY* tilt the bowl around to coat it with the sugar. Immediately place the saucepan under running hot water in the sink to clean it.

5) Heat the milk until small bubbles appear around the edge. Add the remaining 1/2 C sugar and stir. May add more sugar if desired.

6) While stirring, pour milk into the eggs.

7) Pour the milk/eggs mixture into the PYREX bowl. Bake in the hot water bath at 350F for about 40 minutes or until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

8) Remove from oven. Pass a knife around the edges of the flan to loosen it. Allow to cool at room temperature for ~1 hour or until the bowl can be handled with bare hands. Refrigerate at least 8 hours.

9) Invert onto a serving plate and give the PYREX bowl a few good, sharp smacks with the palm of your hand to release the flan. May garnish around the edges of the dish with a carmel sauce. Serves 6-8.


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Vegetarianish shepherds pie:

Kudos to Sarah for showing this to me smile

1x 400g can lentils

1x 400g can diced tomatoes

1x clove garlic (opt)

V8 veggie juice (or similar)

Soy sauce

Worcestershire sauce

Some potatoes

An onion or two

Carrot(s) (opt)

Stock of some sort (I used vegeta, but most'll work)

Bitters (opt, not sure if it's tasteable in mine)

Rice is a good optional filler, if you're a student tongue

Mix about a cup of veggie juice, some stock, garlic, bitters, some soy sauce and worc. sauce in a small saucepan. Simmer until it reduces a bit. I left mine on while I did the rest of the stuff.

Peel and put potatoes on to boil.

Fry onion until soft. Add can of mushrooms and half can of tomato to onion. Keep fairly hot for a while.

If using rice, start cooking about nowish.

Peel and cut carrot, cook in microwave until softish

Add remaining tomatoes, lentils, sauce and carrot to frypan. Reduce heat.

Mash potato. Add some cheese if desired.

Pour from frypan into casserole dish/what you make pie in

Mix rice through, if being used

Spread potato on top. Grated cheese on top of potato goes well.

Put in oven on about 170 until it looks done.

NOTE: I cook most things until they're cooked, hence no "simmer for 10 minutes" and the like. A lot of this is just to taste, so if you like Worcestershire sauce over soy, then put more in and vice versa.

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Strawberries Romannette A fast yummy dessert

Serves 4

2 x 200g tubs vanilla light Fruche
1 x 200g tub diet vanilla yoghurt
1 tablespoon orange juice
250g chopped fresh strawberries
2 tablespoons Cointreau liqueur

Combine Fruche and yoghurt together in large mixing bowl.
Fold in juice, contreau and strawberries
Refrigerate until required.

Enjoy this lovely summer treat! And tell me how it goes if any of you actually decide to make it smile

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Toast N Marshmellows


Sliced bread
Instant BBQ
bits of tree ( fresh twigs work best)

it should be obvious but just in case....

1st Fire up the BBQ ( if windy use some lit poi or staff )

2nd toast marshmellos on the end of twigs or other such bits of tree

3rd toast the bread

4th spread on toast

simple as and very tasty

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Written by: myco

this is a bit off the topic of recipes, but i am really bad at searches. i knew this thread existed, and tried to find it so i could bump it before anyone posted on the other one, for ease of deletion. but i could for the life of me find it. i typed in "hop cook book" into the search box, and this didn't come up. can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

I just put the word 'cook' in the 'subject only' section knowing that there wouldn't be a lot of subjects with the word 'cook' in it. I found it pretty easily. Well, IT did, I didn't really do anything.


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NYC: hug2 You dee mann.

2 Bags will be posting here soon devil

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No, YOU dee man.

Oh no... wait... you're right.

I am dee man. cool

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aha doc i can do about 12 better smile ehem well i cant be bothered to type them all and copying and pasting i would have to change half the words too "spice" so for more "spice" recipes pm me peace

chocolate cookies

3 oz. butter
3 oz. granulated sugar
3 oz. brown sugar
a few drops of vanilla essence
1 egg
6 oz. self raising flour
a pinch of salt
2 oz. walnuts (chopped)
2-4 oz. choclate chips
i sometimes leave out the walnuts by the way

oven temperature: moderate: (350 degrees F, gas mark 4)
yield: 20

grease two baking trays.
cream the butter with the sugars and essence, then beat in the egg.fold in the sifted flour and salt, with the nuts and chocolate chips.drop spoonfuls of mizture on the baking trays and bake for 12-15 minutes. cool on the trays for one minute, then place on a wire rack to finnish cooling.

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the magnificent PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!
2 oz. peanut butter
grated rind of hald an orange
2 oz. caster sugar
1 and a half oz. light, soft brown sugar
2 oz. butter
1 one standard of medium egg
1 and a half oz. or raisen stoned and chopped
4 oz. self-raising flour
(i sometimes leve the raisins out)

oven temperature: moderate (see last of my recipes)
yield 25-30

cream together the peanut butter, orange rind, sugars and butter until light and fluffy. beat in the egg, add the raisins and stir in the flour to make a fairly firm dough. roll the dough into small balls about the size of a walnut and place well apart on an ungreased baking sheet; dip a fork in a little flour and press criss-cross lines on each ball. bake for 25 minutes until risen and golden brown.

both of my recipes are copied almost word for word from my mums big old cookbook .

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