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Posted:hi folks,

i went out on saturday night and i had the best night of my life. part of the reason why it was so amazingly good was because i reached a new level of poi, staff and contact juggling. i wont get bogged down in the details - i'm sure every one here has had moments like that.

i want to thank every person on this site for the help u've given me in achieveng what i have, and for what i will achieve. every post i've read, every one of you that i've met, or that i've simply watched, has helped me learn and no doubt will help me carry on learning in the future.

thank you for playing a part, however small or large, in something that brings me so much joy. you have all given me something without asking anything in return. i apreciate it.

thank you

May your staff spin fast and your poi always miss your balls.

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flash fire

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Posted:Hey Santi. How's tricks?

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