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Rouge Dragon
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Posted:I just got a call about a job trial at a bowling alley, working as the host of kids' parties. It's on Saturday.

I'm nervous as! I've worked with kids before (I was a primary school teacher last year) but I've never done anything like this, and I can barely remember what happened when I went to my friend's 10th birthday at the bowling alley! ubblol

I have been told to wear black, but I don't know if I am going to be dressing up as a clown or what! I have told them I can juggle (guess who is going to now spend the afternoon practising her juggling and practically non-exitant contact!) and they seemed very happy when I said that.

I'd really like this job because I think it will be a tonne of fun. I've been told it's hosting and playing with the kids and dealing with the parents - but that's it!

but anyone do this sort of thing who can give me some pointers?


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Posted:not a clue, rougie... I had a perfect opportunity to spy for you a couple weeks ago... I took my boys bowling and they had a kids bowling party right next to us...

but I was more interested in entertaining my own youngins, than watching someone else do it...

that said... I reckon you'll do fine just being yourself... you like to have fun, can juggle, have worked with kids before so you have an idea what keeps them entertained

if things work the way they usually do, it's the parents I'd watch out for more than the kids... with kids you can just be yourself

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Posted:Just be a good showwoman. Don't take it personally if you can't keep their attention. Use lots of reverse psychology. Like look at an adult and say "I bet that all the kids can't figure out how to sit in a circle without talking. I don't think they can do it! Uh uh!" and be dramatic about it. The kids will take that as a challenge. It's worked beautifully for me before.

And, uh, stickers. Kids love stickers. I carry about 100 of them in my white coat.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:From what I remember of kiddies bowling parties, tell them NOT to get their fingers between the balls when they come rolling back... one of my friends broke his finger one year ubblol

Apart from that... when talking to the smaller ones, get down on their level (= sit down or bend your knees). Makes a huge difference for catching their attention when you're on the same eye level.

Good luck!!

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Posted:Have a chat with Moonpixie and Bec, they are wonderful pixies at kids partys all the time! smile

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Posted:I used to do kids parties as a clown reguarly and I used to teach primary school kids to juggle for a store in Adelaide. I think the best advice has already been given-get down to their level when talikng to them. I found when I treated the kids like an equal and acted like a kid myself(pretty easy 4 me) the kids are easier to control, if youre unpredictable and foolish enough the kids can't take their eyes off you.
I have 2 precautions 4 childrens performers-
1, too much clown make up scares little kids no matter how happy and fun you are.
2, juggling doesn't always impress kids, 9 out of ten children would rather watch someone fall over.
The only other things I can suggest from personal experience are that balloon animals and manipulation is relatively easy to do and looks funny especially if you frown and poke your tongue out the side of your mouth.
And above all else relax and know that kids crave and require attention, if you give them yours they'll probably give you theirs.

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