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Posted:hey peoples
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I'm planning on doing a bit of a solo roadtrip only definite destination is Auckland, for Cirque du Soliel on the 24th, but some time before then I'm going to travel around the North Island for a while. Anyone want to meet up and have a burn? I'm really just travelling aimlessly for a while to clear my head, so if you want to meet up, play with fire, share some tricks, I'll probably be passing through wherever you are
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Get in touch, I'd love to put some faces to the names here, and meeting new people is always a good thing.seeyax([This message has been edited by xaeda (edited 05 January 2001).]

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Posted:be keen to catch up if you're going through hamilton - they've been trying to get a full moon celebration going with lots of fire dancing - so if you're around then perhaps you'd like to wander down? or we could just go play in the streets
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