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jeffhighGOLD Member
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Location: Caves Beach, NSW, Australia

Hi Guys,
Any of you Aussies tried this, I came across it in my local hardware store the other day and bought a 4L jug for $19.
Just tried a burn, pretty clean took a while to light with a 90 deg C Flash point

MojojoGOLD Member
wandering dingo
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Location: Aussie in London, Australia

Yep, use it regularly, if I am going to use kero at all I prefer it. .
Smells less terrible than the regular stuff eh!

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squarefishSILVER Member
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Location: the state of flux, Ireland

but the anti odour additives in it cause it to be more toxic than regular stinky kerosene.

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

is that the stuff i buy from bunnings? hmmm cant remember brand name. i find that is does make my car less stinky when i forget and leave my staffs in there over-night - but has a slightly more intense kind of grease smoke/fumes when burnt.

anti odour additives being more toxic - Squarefish do you have any reference about that i can get some more information?

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newgabeSILVER Member
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Location: Bali, Australia

90 degree flash point? That is very high.
Ksol used in a commercial 'firetwirling fuels' has a 38 degree flashpoint. I use d60 which is a 66 degrees. I have used d70 with a 74 degree falshpoint and did notice it was greasier.

So yes I can imagine that 90 degrees would be heavier again.

There's quite a few threads that state that about 'chemicals to make odourless are more toxic' but I've never seen any proof cited.

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jeffhighGOLD Member
89 posts
Location: Caves Beach, NSW, Australia

Only done one burn with it so far
I had not seen it on the shelf before so thought I would try it. It is marketed for lamp and heater use (ie indoor) so I would guess it would not have toxic fumes(Unless you were using it for firebreathing which I have no interest in.
I was really surprised when I downloaded the MSDS and found a 90deg C flashpoint
Seemed less oily than the lamp oil I had been using.
But then the firewater I ordered from Juggleart came in the mail yesterday so I have that to try out now

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