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Posted:hi if someone can actually explain to me how to do the five beat weave I would love them soooo much lol! I am new to poi but I am lovin it soooo much. I have mastered the four beat weave but I want to learn more! thought the five beat weave maybe the next move! thanks an I hope someone can help me! sarah xx

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Posted:see here ===>
but I think you're in the wrong place to talk about poi moves!!

anyways, good luck !!! weavesmiley weavesmiley


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Posted:the link of yuhuu is very good. there is another section in the forums for poi moves, you should find there something and if not you could always do a search in hop... just keep in mind that it takes a lot of practise and patience.

Welcome to the poi world!

A small clue: your wrists should unwrap and wrap then stay wrapped as they go to the other side where they unwrap and wrap again to go to the other side.

hope it made sense and helped a bit :P

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Posted:Just a guess, but I think you mean you've mastered the 3 beat weave, which is the basic weave, symmetrical on both sides. Adding an extra 'beat' on both sides makes it a 5beat.

The extra beat occurs sometime when you move from left to right. Don't worry about beats though, gets a bit confusing.

A good way to conceptualise and go about practising a 5 beat weave, in words, would be something like this-

Normally,doing a 3 beat weave, say your poi are both spinning on the right of your body, the right one crosses your body followed by the left, and for a moment, they're now both spinning on the left of your body. When you're going back to the right side, your left poi goes across first, then your right.. etc.

In doing a 5 beat, it's not about going faster- imagine when your right poi normally crosses your body, it doesn't. In the most comfortable way you can pull off, let your right poi go down your right side instead. Soon the left poi comes around, and your hands are slightly twisted. Let the left poi cross your body first.

It opens up on the other side, and just mirror the move.

Good luck.

ps. As mentioned by yuhuu, this thread should actually be in a different part of the forum. Try the poi moves section.

Cheers. smile