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Posted:There is a beautiful, flat park by my house. For years, my friends and I have been wanting to twirl there. Problem is, I dont know what the deal is with the law and fire permits. Does anyone in America, specifically NY, know what I need to do (or not do) in order to spin in a public place.

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Posted:chances are, the parks dept. won't want you burning in their parks (as a former employee i asked and got shot down)

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Posted:If you approach the local authority they shold be able to give you all the information you need, record your name and address and send the feds round your house because you're obviously a terrorist threat

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Posted:there is already a thread to answer your questions

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Posted:burn away anyway, if you see people aproaching.................RUNubblol




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Posted:I did that on my birthday last year. The firemen chased us for a fair distance before they gave up. ubblol

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Posted:There are lots of threads on this one but still very little in the way of solid info.

As a single spinner you are very unlikely to get any type of permission from local authorities. Working as an organization you might have a chance.

If you are serious about pursuing this avenue, you might want to check out I know a couple spinners in the north east that have had some success with an organized approach.

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