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Posted:My brother came back from the pub (drunk as a skunk) while I was outside having a practice with my Fire Poi unlit, im much better with them when there not on fire, for some reason as soon as there lit I forget nearly everything I can do with them I have to concentrate really hard to remember to do much.

Anyway I was having a practice one night just outside our house in the driveway, when he came by and stoped to look at my spinning, and he asked me if I was gay. So I said what makes you ask that? He told me he had looked through my phone and saw my messages to chris (who actually upset me abit, chris found a boyfriend 4 days after I had a little 'date' with him, 4 days and he calls this new lad a boyfriend?! What the hell was I chopped liver, why did you kiss me goodbye like that then you bugger? I never asked him though)

Anywhoo after chris' betrayal (ubblol lol I laugh about it now) we havnt talked much since then but I kept his text messages because I forgot too empty my inbox. I think roberts seen my phone more than he let on so' hes probably known for longer but that night he said something. Anyway I knew he knew that I knew that he knew, so I said I am yeah, I would have never have told him though if he hadnt asked, me and robert dont get along we'ere not so much brothers as housemates basicly ( well before he moved out), which is actually pretty much the same story with my parents.

Im abit annoyed at him because im sure I heard my brother through the walls of my room tell mum 'yeah your right he is gay I asked, but if you say anything I never told you'. Ide told my brother not to tell mum and dad that night when he asked because I dont want someone else outing me.

Guess I have to wait and see, I'll know when mum says something. If I find out she did ask robert to ask im gonna be really pissed off.

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Posted:Coming out was not fun. I told everyone I was bisexual when I was 12, but didn't really come to terms with it until a few years later.

My family came up with some pretty interesting answers when I came out. When I told my mother I was gay she said "that explains a lot". I was mortified

When I told my Aunt she said "did you just decide this now"?

My father just disowned me.

My mother had a hard time with it in the begining. It wasn't just "I'm a lesbian". It was "hi mom I'm a lesbian and this is my 23 year old bull dyke girlfriend" (I was 16, to say the least she wasnt too thrilled).

It got pretty tense for awhile and I landed up moving out. Now all is well and peaceful and my mother is trying to find girls to set me up with.

I have heard some pretty vicious coming out stories (mine included) so your definitley not alone. Good luck and remember that it gets easier with time.


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