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My name is Jesper Hult and i am from Sweden. I have been a backpacker here in Australia in 8 month soon. One of the reasons i come her to Australia was to meet firetwirlers and I have done that. One more reason was also learned to get contact whith people. I have meet many firetwirlers here in Australia. I have meet firtwirlers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Arlie Beach and Cairns. I have learnd to get contact whith people but som people dont care if i talk whith them. If i say somthing they answer but then they dont care about me and dont say somthing to me. That sort of thing I REALLY HATE that when people dont care about that i want to talk whith them. I meet som firetwirlers yesterday in Cairns. They have fireshows every friday. So i started to talk whith them and they didnt really care about me. I hated that they only talked whit each other and i was like AIR. I was nothing. I didnt get sad only angry because they did so wrong. I think if someone want to talk whit a person. The person should think it funny that someone want to talk whith the person.
I really hope that someone from Cairns read this so they can try to understand me.

I must say that i have meet a really nice firtwirlers here in Australia. Must say that Brisbane firtwirlers is very nice people. And someo peple in the others places i have been in. I actually meet two very nice firetwirlers in Cairns for 3 days ago. It was they who sad its was meeting every friday.

Tomorrow i go to Darwin. So do u know if there are any meetings in Darwin?

have a nice day

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Posted:Hello, and welcome to HoP! I hope you enjoy your stay here, and it will be much improved if you take the time to read the lovely FAQ that's stuck at the top of this forum. It's a lot less cluttered and makes life generally more pleasant if you keep the introduction threads in the "introductions" forum. Have a good one!


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Thanks. I have already been a member in one 6 month or somthing. And write a intoduction.
I was only saying now that i was pretty ireatating at aussis who didnt want to speak whith me. But i am happy over that i have meet nice aussis also.

have a nice day


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Posted:yeah i've encountered groups who do appear a bit standoff-ish. but hey like any group of people in any activity you meet some overly friendly labrador types who bounce up, hug you, then introduce, and some types who dont act that way.

ive encountered this in a few different circles - and ive worked out that most of the time its not because they are being explicity and deliberately rude - but they are their with the own close friends, and simply do not have the inclination nor energy to engage with every single person they meet.

im generally highly sociable at the local spin meets in Sydney - but if ive had a crap day, i just want to maybe focus on my own moves ive been working on, and have a quiet sit down, glass of wine, and an indepth conversation with some of my friends - i really cant be bothered talking to everyone. Its nothing personal, and im not deliberately rude - but i just dont have the energy to teach and meet and greet, and can get a bit annoyed if i have loads of randoms come up pester me to try to teach them the Matrix in 15mins.

i seem to remember flynt said something about one of the meets - 'its not that they make you feel unwelcome, but its clear that they are happy with each other' (or something similar).

Its not deliberate unfriendliness or rudeness - perhaps more disinterest in meeting new people all the time. by firespinning you are doing an activity that is quite public - but everyone has differing levels of extrovert and introvent.

then again -sometimes they might just be arrogant ****ers - but my experience in this community is that almost everyone i meet is lovely hug

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