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83 posts
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Ok my very first set of poi arrived today! HURRAH!!
Ran straight down to the river to practice some stuff.. and erm hid behind an old fishing hut so ppl walking dogs couldn't see me twatting myself in the head lol
Anyway so I'm trying to figure out a 3 beat weave and I've memorised the instructions from the lesson page, but every time I start counting in the steps it goes a bit pete tong and I nail myself in the knee/shin/head/neck/nuts. After an hour or so (of various degrees of pain) I decide I am thinking too much about what I am trying to do with my hands and not what I am doing with the poi. So I clear my mind of all the steps I have memorised and focus on making the poi do what I KNOW they should be doing.. try again.. and I nail it first time A few minutes later and I'm so pleased I come from behind the hut in full view of anyone passing by.. five minutes later and a small girl comes past with her mother and stops and stares in amazement and they stay and watch for a few minutes and I get the BIGGEST smile ever and feel a fuzzy glow inside

I want to thank arashi for his/her insanely long post on teaching, reading that helped me to let go and feel the move!

- Honk if you love peace and quiet!

2,419 posts
Location: la-la land

Someones got the bug...

Keep going - there are many interesting injuries to be had.. and lots more fuzzy feelings!
Welcome to the crazy house..


I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

tiamat_22580I will kill all mods
210 posts
Location: mods suck

good job and congrats have fun and yahoo

83 posts
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland


*wondering what I will learn tomorrow...*

- Honk if you love peace and quiet!

Carpal \'Tunnel
15,414 posts
Location: United Kingdom

behind the back 5 beat methinks...

flash fireBRONZE Member
Sporadically Prodigal
2,758 posts
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Nice one Kev

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