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FyreFyreBRONZE Member
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I guess you already figured out the point of this thread, but for those who are a bit.... slow, here is THE rule:

Name the saddest moment you`ve seen in a movie.

I`d had to say it`s when Tom Hanks (in Cast away) loses Mr. Wilson in the middle of a sea (Mr. Wilson is the volleyball)


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When I was a child, there were some animated movies that would come on every once in a while that had a profound impact on me. Some I remember better than others. The ones that I largely remember were:

1. Little Mermaid (I think it was a French production, absolutely not Disney)

When the little mermaid decides not to kill the Prince out of love, letting herself die instead.. frown

2. The Happy Prince

When the swallow dies, and they melt down the statue and his heart cannot be melted, and they just chuck the dead bird and the heart in the trash frown

Very sad. I would love when these animated movies would show up... There was also The Snow Queen and Great Expectations. I don't know of too many folks who've seen or remember these old flicks.
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BethBethMiss Whippy
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Shamefully i cried at the end of Moulin Rouge, feel free to shun me! smile Also cry in Green Mile when Del dies and when John Coffey dies, soooo sad!

Armageddon also makes me weep a little smile

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Jeff: you are so right with the death of Mufasa, and Beth, don't worry, I got teary too with Moulin Rouge... and I knew the ending! *grumbles about stupid people in class*

Patriarch917Patriarch917SILVER Member
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The end of Requiem for a Dream.

Point_BlankPoint_BlankGOLD Member
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In Life is Beautiful, when the boys father is shot

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BlayzeBlayzeSILVER Member
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House of Sand and Fog...the last 1/2 hour or so.ubbcrying I won't say any more because you should all watch it! It's such a good movie (although definately not a 'feel good' movie).
...Armageddon still makes me weepy (and I've seen it about 4 times).

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PukPukSILVER Member
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Forrest Gump
when forrest finally ends up with Jenny than she die's cause of aids

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Ange_GSCAnge_GSCGOLD Member
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October Sky -

When Homer has to drop out of school to work in the coal mines to support his family, He gets into the cage elevator to go down, looks up to the stars and sees sputnik streaking across the sky, and his dreams being lost forever.

And also at the end when they launch their last rocket, and Homers father actually comes and is given the honor to press the launch button. Then Homer's high school teacher who is dying in a hospital looks out the window to see the rocket shooting into the clouds.

Makes me cry every time.

Then of course theres the end to "Finding Neverland" quite the tear jerker as well

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ThumperabbitBRONZE Member
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I actualy cried when Trinity died in Matrix Revolutions. I thought it was really sad, Neo not being able to see his dying love.

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alien_oddityalien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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i had a tear in my eye before at the end of leon............... i don't really want to spoil it for others but if you've seen it you'll understand what i mean biggrin

AsenaAsenaGOLD Member
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I cried at buffy once or twice... not actually a movie but o... I get to into it frown

Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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I have no soul. I've only ever ciried once during a movie, and that was Armageddon, with that bit when he blows himeself up.

Ooo! And Deep Impact!

Hmmm... there seems to be a "large rock" pattern ermerging here...

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_khan__khan_SILVER Member
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The moment in Sophie's Choice when Sophie is forced to decide which of her children gets sent to the gas chambers (at Auschwitz). Meryl Streep's performance is amazing.

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BethBethMiss Whippy
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*whispers* Titanic... *runs away*

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NifeliumNifeliumGOLD Member
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its not a sad ending by standeds but its definatly not a good ending.

requiem for a dream.(awesome movie)


harasuSILVER Member
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 Written by :Point_Blank

In Life is Beautiful, when the boys father is shot

Bongiorno, principessa ... this one got me bad.

And the end of Leon.

And the end of V for Vendetta SPOILER -> when V dies

And the end of Big Blue SPOILER -> when Jacques goes "see the dolphins".

And in Dear Wendy, when the shooting begins.

And the end of Phantom of the Opera (he was soooooo looooneeelyyyy *sob sob sob*).

And, oh yeah, this one's peculiar: at Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy when Arthur is taken to the planet factory. No idea why. He cried, so I cried a little as well rolleyes

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Rouge DragonRouge DragonBRONZE Member
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Life is Beautiful wins it for much as I think it was a wonderful movie, it tore my heart out so badly I don't think I could watch it again even though I own the DVD!!

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jarlejarleGOLD Member
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The movie I last came to tears in was 'I Am Legend' when:
SPOILER: Sam was put down

That was the first that came to mind anyways - I've never seen Life is Beautiful.


Bek66Bek66Future Mrs Pogo
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 Written by :Suibom

1. Little Mermaid (I think it was a French production, absolutely not Disney)

That might have been the Hans Christian Anderson version...I remember seeing it when I was had the original tale of the little mermaid's every step feeling like she was walking on glass...

I think the most recent movies that made me cry were two Aussie films...well, three, actually...
Black Water
Rabbit Proof Fence...and...

I'm noticing a trend towards the Aussie's liking to make us cry...

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Bernie_FlameBernie_FlameSILVER Member
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Titanic gets me. I lost a partner in my early 20's; makes the film very painful to watch. Also, the part in the Green Mile where Percy stamps on the mouse.

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rin_666rin_666SILVER Member
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I always cry when the phantom is singing to christine in his opera, he's pouring out his entire heart to her and he loves her so much. Every damn time that gets me.

FathomFathomSILVER Member
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My votes for Requiem for a Dream...

or in Tenchi: Universe when Ryoko "dies" near the end.

Kangaroo Island eh? I hear that place is really hopping!

NeeBRONZE Member
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I am TERRIBLE, i cry at everything, especially after having a baby (I think it's hormonal. Either that or having a child just makes you hyper-sensitive and you appreciate the preciousness of life). I agree that dancer in the dark was just SO unsetting, though I watched it after we'd just put my cat to sleep so the whole execution thing REALLY got to me. Apart from that;

Donnie Darko (my favourite movie of all time)
Edward Scissorhands
Gandhi (though that was a true story so I don't know if it counts?)
House of flying daggers, randomly
AI (artificial intelligence)

I could go on forever, but one of the ultimate tear-jerkers for me is one I saw recently, 'Into The Wild' (also a true story). *SPOILER*
Seeing his terror when he realized he was going to die was just heartbreaking, then watching him suffer *cries*
The very last scenes really got me though, when he's just realized that his family is the most important thing to him and you see him imagining running into his parents arms, thinking (this isn't a word for word quote but you get the idea) "If I were there with you now, would you see what I see?"



=Flashpoint==Flashpoint=SILVER Member
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I'm going to go for:

Life is Beautiful - pretty much the entire film frown

Pan's Labyrinth - I know the Guillermo del Toro said that she actually does go to the underworld, when I watched it for the first time - if you've seen it then you know what I mean - I read it totally differently frown frown frown

And American History X - Redemption followed by sacrifice - the wrong way round under normal curcumstances frown

I was crying like a baby at Shawshank and Green Mile and Titanic - but I didn't cry when Jack died - about f'in time IMHO but at the end when she died and joined them all under the sea...

Like a baby.

And here's me trying to be macho and everything...


NifeliumNifeliumGOLD Member
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again not a sad ending. but...

if yourve ever seen invasion of the body snatchers.
at the end when you see the main protaganist walking in the street, then the chick runs up like "oh thank goodness your still alright" then he just does the alien scream. whole worlds ends up being doomed. did not expect the first time round.


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Has no-one seen The Killing Fields?
Dith Prahn's Escape from Vietnam through Cambodia?

Or the Raymond Briggs animation The Snowman?

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roarfireroarfireSILVER Member
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Into the Wild!

If you don't want to see the spoiler then don't highlight below!

Not necessarily the ending when he dies from the berry, the part that had me crying was when the old man was talking himself being the last of his family's name. When he asked about adopting him and seeing him cry just broke my heart. And later seeing the Father break down and cry got me a too

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duvanduvanancient oachkatzlschwoaf
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Location: germany

"breaking the waves"
disturbed me big time
I think I wept but I was so dazed afterwards that I don't even remembered what the movie was about frown:D

WiccanChicaThe wee little one on the block
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I haven't ever really sobbed in a movie, but The Dead Poet's Society got to me, because I almost did that myself *not going to spoil* and the end got to me a little too, just made me want to salute. Its a beautiful movie ^_^

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ValuraValuraSILVER Member
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When ET goes home.

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