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Posted:double angel knives w/ contact staff

rope and nunchuck combo

hope this inspires someone ubbangel

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Posted:has anybody been mixing props? what combos seem to work for you? any constructive criticism? thanx




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Posted:Wow top marks for effort, you really look like your at the limit on this contact video (and also the doubles video you posted on the SF bay area contact staff tribe website), I've been working on a triple staff combination (1 contact 2 spinning) similar to your first video, so I appreciate how hard it is to keep it all co-ordinated. Very inspiring, and thanks for posting somthing which is obviously a work in progress.
There were moments in the first video I really liked. When your arms are out straight, staff haloing/jesusing, you turning 360. And when you keep the angel knives spinning, these look really cool.
Thanks again for posting these, I must admit I'd seen them before, but others probably haven't. Keep practising, and I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

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Posted:absolutley loved the second vid smile

3 of ainything aint easy thats for sure!, Tho halo - jesus looked really smooth done nice and slow and shows great control, nice work dude biggrin

Make more videos ! biggrin


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