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Posted:Come on Come All

Vaudeville in Association with tepooka present a bloody great big cabaret night.

Welcome to an all new Vaudeville experience. All new acts, all new format, all new night. Less sitting, more dancing to keep you going till the wee hours.

Vaudeville Cabaret Club
Scotlands Premier providers of circus, burlesque, music, comedy, performance poetry, and experiences of mind-bending weridness

This is not your normal sit down cabaret. New Experiences await you. Come one, Come all, marvel at the new face of the Vaudeville Cabaret Club and find out for yourself.

at the bongo club doors open at nine

see you gusy there


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Wow.. sounds wicked... have a great time everyone hug

Getting to the other side smile



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Posted:Huzzah! And it's on a Friday this time.

Pity I've lost my membership card. frown

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