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Posted:Here's a question, and i'm sure I'll get lots of different answers and a lot of "it depends"... but I'm looking for some professional advice from seasoned individuals (and troupes).

First, is Clowns of the US still the best bet for insurance in the US? Anyone know if they do group rates? their page lists only individual performer insurrance plans... Obviously I want to get that straightened out right quick with renewal time coming up.

Second, what is a typical rate plan for an individual / a troupe? Obviously this is an open ended question and i expect lots of different opinions. I'm just looking for a nice ball park figure. Ya know, like top-end extravagant price, and bottom of the barrel for a decently skilled individual price.

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Posted:Clowns of the US are the only choice for insurance. I dont believe they have group rates. My troupe always pays the $185/person.

As far as rates go, experiment. Your show is worth as much as people are willing to pay. For the first year or so, its good to find out what people's budgets are and decide what you want to give them for that. Once you find your customers are satisfied with what they get vs what they pay, you can begin to form a pricing scheme... Or offer certain shows for certain prices.

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