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............Controversial new powers allowing people with personality disorders to be locked up for more than 28 days without appeal could be included.......

personaly with someone with a personality disorder i am not too keen on some one else deciding if i could be locked up or not.

i can totaly understand if some one is a risk to others and themselfs but who decides the criteria?

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Posted:Probably the same f**kwit doctors whose half as*ed attempts at treatment have caused that level of disorder.

Of course they must be trustworthy and respectable people. No-one who earns as much as they do could be incompetent wink

Obviously no-one has bothered to think about what the stress of being locked up will do to someone with that kind of problem.

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Posted:this sucks eek all i can think of in reply to you polarity is "one flew over the cucoos nest"....................... "if your not mad when you go into an institution you will be by the time you leave"

it applys not only to mental health facilitys but also prisons, you take a person in prison thats done their time (10yrs +) and kept their nose clean, put them in the outside world and they cant handle it because they are institutionalised


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Posted:When I did Sociology A Level I learnt about a whole load of sociologists who got admitted to mental institutions, acted completely normally, and as they would usually act, and I think only 5% got released! After 6 months or so, the other sociologists had to reveal the intentions of the study and get released.

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