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Posted:K, this thread was inspired by the sellotape thread (duh) being as tape is universally handy, there have got to be many entertaining stories out there envolving tape of one sort or another.
here are a few tidbits to wet appetites and inspire:

my sophmore year of high school (age 15-16) my friend charlotte and i made her prom dress out of duct tape, and i died her hair. we wove a 3x2 meter square out of duct tape on my floor, then backed it with duct tape and made the dress. actually won 2nd place in a trash art exhibit at the local art museum.

in the other thread, i mentioned taping freshmen to battens and flying them out. we did that alot.

also, at a cast party awhile ago, my friend marshall passed out in the driveway, we were bored, so we gaff taped him onto the (broken) garage door, and left "offerings" in front of him like a shrine. i've got pics of that and the dress somewhere, i'll see about uploading them

happy new year to all,
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Posted:in grade 10 we had big island style desks in which the teacher couldnt see through and we taped a friend of mines mouth shut then taped her to a chair then tipped her over and pushed her under the table, just before the end of class then walked out on the bell, it wasnt till all the kids had left that the teacher heard her muffeled cries for help. But she was a friend it was just a joke we all laughed about it latter.
tieing this girl up became a tradition and on going joke, we taped her up in all 7 times all but one with dux tape (sorry ruining the sello feel) and the last time end of grade 12 with zip ties and sello over the mouth, she sat on a bag rack with feet and hands bound and mouth covered for 1/2 hour we left sciccors just across the hall, funny funny stuff, but dont worry she got me back!
same group of hooligans (me and fletch) taped a bin shut with sello then taped a sign to it out of order! i thought that was funny, simple but a good laugh. we also taped a bin shut once we put someone in it i forget who but!!!
But really this is just the tip of the ice berge but i got to study exam on the 6th, just dont ask about the home made mace!!! ***please note all practical jokes were played in fun and everyone of them got me back ***
those were the days

It's all good