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i saw some videos on this site and thought i want to do that to
so i took a broomstick and sawd it of at 120 cm
Most of the time it roles of my thumb
would this problem decrease if i bought one?

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Posted:if you mean it rolls off your thumb due to a lack of grip, then yes, buying a good staff would help (as they come with grips) however you could always just put a grip on the broom handle. I just use tennis or golf grip tape. Can buy it at any good sports store. Typically grips ok.

If you mean that it rolls off your thumb because it goes flying out of your hand, then no, buying one will not help, practice will.

good luck.

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Posted:I originally learnt most of my staff with a piece of bamboo, that not only didnt have any grip, but was also unevenly weighted. I found that grip was less important than weighting at the ends of the stick. Old bike inner tube works best for this. The extra weight will make the stick a lot easier to control.

Grip is the next thing on the list, and whilst which is the best sort is a matter of opinion (and several threads on here - have a search for "staff grip" and you'll be laughing), I prefer tennis racquet handle grip tape - available at most sports shops.

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Posted:in my opinion store bought staffs are generally too light (the metal ones anyway), my staff is a broom handle thats bee slightly modded to take fire. the whole rolling off thing is probably due to malpractise, it jsut takes a bit of time to get used to the physics of the staff in question. happy spinning

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Posted:thank you
i think i'll tune the broom

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Posted:Stripe, NOS, Sub, Spolier, Alloys, Furry dice.
You know the drill.

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Posted:hahaha a bosch power drill can do anything!


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Posted:har har har the idear of Boy racer broom sticks... man i've gota get one of thous to spin!
I've already decided that mine should have 'Sat Nav' to help me err.... limit the amount of staff retrival i'm currently encouring - practic practice and all!

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Posted:why not try a martial arts/some sort of hardwood staff and put aluminium pipe and kevlar on the ends?

they can last for years that way, and if u need to u can wack your friends if they diss your moves lol.

i like a wood called tawa in new zealand; its hard, slightly (ever so slightly) whippy and not to heavy.

i had a real good staff of that once, unbreakable except through massive mistreatment...................

what about nashi wood?


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Posted:just some inspiration if you love kung fu films is this........


the main bloke i'm on about is hwang jang li or "thunder leg" this guy is amazing to watch..........he can block, grapple and attack using just his legs........it's what he preffers 70% legs 30% hands

amazing fighter ubblove


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Posted:I've seen that film! But his review is quite misleading: this film is mostly about insance acrobatics, fighting with chickens, and young men being rash and getting their father figures killed.

I dunnoe what his review was about... confused

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