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grumpy poorly froggy
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Posted:Upwardly gothic

Its what we have been saying for years although i would tend to agree with the statemnt that we are more class less than middle class....

the thing is though do you think anyone will actually listen? I get more than fed up with being labeled as the drop outs who amount to nothing as is my Son. and the shock on peoples faces they find out i used to alot of work with social services!!!

Thanks Pen for showing me this hug hug

Life's too short to worry about where you put your marshmallows


Location: Cannock, staffordshire
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Posted:sometimes i love how people start defending about stereotyping but then start doing it them selves

like whats happening with the chav scene now

i read that article carefully and agree with a lot mainly the stereotyping parts as thats what it all is so is the stereotyping of chavs

you know some kids wana dress in track suits (i used to as a kid) wear a cap (not always burberry), hang around with there friends (well wheres the youth clubs these days so what choice do some have) and they get branded a chav which fair enough that may be the fashion is what they like but not all chavs are trouble makers, not all should be stereo typed with the others. no matter what you get in life no matter what path and trend you follow it doesnt mean they deserve to be stereotyped.

im all for personal choice and the individual, ive done the black dressing make up and hair as a fashion and ive done the u.v. raver stuff and at same time been braded a druggy cos of it. but no one deserves it

theres always gona be stereo types and most people that actually are stereotypes actually in the same sentance or post actually become one.

sorry no offence meant by this but i read the first page and it went from stereotypoes on goths to everyone slagging chavs down and becoming a stereo type

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Posted:leave the goths alone !

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this was me almost 20 years ago eek.. the word 'goth' had barely been invented........ fags, queers, weirdo's etc etc is the abuse we had to take...... oh and the odd beating ubbloco

there's loads of 'baby goths' (as we call them) down here in Bangor now - personally i think its great to see, a damn sight better than chav scum and the other hoods that hang around the streets

ps...... im the one drinking the cider !

Love me when i least deserve it... cause that is when i need it the most

Invader Xan
Invader Xan

Your friendly neighbourhood mad scientist
Location: Over the hills and far away
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Posted:It's funny... If you boil all of this down to basics, isn't it just that everyone wants to belong? To have a sense of identity?

Modern society is cold and unyielding. If you walk on a busy street in a city, no one will look at you. No one will talk to you. If they do, it's just because they want your money, for good or for ill. I think that leaves a lot of people quite fazed. You're given the feeling that even though all of these people are just like you, none of them actually are.

So subcultures evolve. If you see someone who you share something in common with (usually based on taste in music), you can give a nod to them, safe in the knowledge that they probably think similarly to the way you do. Goths... Punks... Emos... Chavs... Whatever the hell you call yourself. There's always a wide variety of different people there. Anything, not to just be another dull face in a crowd of grey.

Hell, even us here on HoP. How many people here reading this would consider themselves to be a "spinner", a "twirler", a "staffer" or a "fire dancer". I think it's fair to say that we have a small subculture of our own here, whatever other subcultures you may subscribe to (you lovely bunch of crazies, you! biggrin). Hell, if goths get the same feeling of kinship from sitting in candlelit rooms, listening to The Cure (or whatever... I'm no Goth) as any of us can say we do by going to a spinning meet, then I think it's a good thing!

I suppose (at risk of staying on topic tongue) one thing this article is saying is that parents should fear their children getting into subcultures. I think most parents probably feel the least empathy with goths is all. Maybe everyone just needs more empathy.

This is a cool thread. It's been very thought provoking. Thank you. smile

"Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art."
--Konstantin Stanislavisky

Invader Xan
Invader Xan

Your friendly neighbourhood mad scientist
Location: Over the hills and far away
Member Since: 7th May 2005
Total posts: 479
Posted:Whoa... quite a rant there. Sorry 'bout that...

For the record, I wear baggy trousers with chains (poi chains actually), dye my hair red, wear thick rimmed glasses and stencil t-shirts. What that makes me, I don't know, but after spending a week wearing a shirt and tie and sitting in an office like a good little automaton, I feel I need it. Kinda stops me feeling like I'm being quashed by society. smile

"Love the art in yourself and not yourself in the art."
--Konstantin Stanislavisky

faith enfire
faith enfire

wandering thru the woods of WI
Location: Wisconsin
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Posted:two things
baby goths was sort of the word i was looking for, but not quite...poser isn't quite it either...i suppose i could be called one for my corporate ways...anyways...
stereotypes are not a bad thing unless we let then control us...we form ideas by collecting them into categories. it gives security to the world. that is why new things or different things are generally considered frightening. things needs to belong. i think that that is at the very basic bottom of maslow ? 's pyramid...food shelter and a sense of belonging
rag on who you want because someone is ragging on you

Nay, whatever comes one hour was sunlit and the most high gods may not make boast of any better thing than to have watched that hour as it passed

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