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Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Posted:Just got a new video of me spinning fire. Please take into consideration that it was 2am and 20(f) degrees out.


Spin More Poi!!!

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Posted:Good foreward izolation and horizontal buzzsaw hyperloop,
you have to work on anti-spinning.
You could try to spin slowlier cause it'll give you
better control over your movement.

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Posted:I give richees post a 2 out of 10 for being so friendly and encouraging biggrin

Nice spinning man, smooth iso's are my favorite. The hyperloopy stuff was sweet to. Pity about the quality, makes it quite hard to see what your doing some of the time. And oh yes.. the title on you tube is?
"Fire poi on St Patricks day 2004" Twas it an old vid or a lapse in typing concentration.

Looking foward to more biggrin

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Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Total posts: 34
Posted:Thanks for the comments!

I know its poor video quality, and im sorry about that but the origonal was too large to post on youtube. Any one know of a better place to host video's?

That was taken on St. Paticks Day 2006, i lvoe tpyos"!

When the movie was shot i was cold and tired. The anti-spin looked horrible i know. Working on that one, but the 5 layes of clothing i was wearing didnt really help me much.

Once summer comes to my corner of Michigan, more vid's should be comming that are much better quality in spinning as well as filming.


Spin More Poi!!!


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