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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:I hit an odd milestone today.

Today my new stethoscope came in the mail. This is my second.

I'd bet that 50% of doctors out there still have the same stethoscope that they had in medical school. My good friend, a physician of 25 years, has his FATHER'S 70 year-old stethoscope and swears that "they just don't make 'em like they used to!"

Now my stethoscope, when I was a third year medical student, had a rather unfortunate run-in with the spokes of my bike while I was coming home from work one day. It's still worked for a long time, but a few weeks ago I was listening to a baby and I felt the lungs were clear. My friend Caroline came along and said "woah! Crackles!"

I said, "I didn't hear any crackles, where are they?"

She pointed. "Here."

I placed my stethoscope and listened. Nothing. Just air moving in and out. I shook my head.

She put her stethoscope there and then put its earpieces around my ears. "Listen," she said.

And I heard very LOUD crackles.

Time to get a new stethoscope!

And may THIS one (with my name monogramed on it) will hopefully last me my career.

-Mike )'(
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Mint Sauce
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Posted:pah not if you worked in this country us pesky nurses have a habit of pinching the doctors stethoscopes (te he ) we use them more than they do any hoo and they earn more than us we generally give them back at the end of there rotation with us smile rotation lol (only it they ask nicely though

before i met those lot i thought they'd be a bunch of dreadlocked hippies that smoked, set things on fire ,and drank a lot of tea but then when i met them....oh wait (PyroWill)


Tantamount to fatuity
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Posted:So the monogram says MLG then?


although is 3 letters a monogram? Surely that would be a triogram....


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sneaky little kitty
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Posted:congrats. and good luck. maybe you should keep it in a case so it doesn't meet an untimely spoke related incident. biggrin

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Tantamount to fatuity
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Posted:I think you should give it to me so I can ebay it when you're famous... erm I mean so that i can keep it forever in a special place next to my heart ubblove

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
"...like a rabbit caught in a lighthouse?" - Chellybean


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Posted:How do stethoscopes break? Isn't it just a tube connecting a horn and an earpiece? Or is it the circly side?

Maybe your rats chewed on it. wink

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
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Posted:Congrats on your new iwonttrytospellit. It sounds really fun biggrin though I am sure its not as fun as I think it is!!
May the new stethescope help you heal many people!! Have you given her/him a name??

Kiss me now, You're beatiful, For these days are truly the last.


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Posted:Congratulations... I think..

@Buzz: my siser Stefanie, who's a second year nursing student has a pink stethoscope which she calls her Stefascope...

Don't know if that counts as a name, but it's pretty funny... (well, i think so anyways, it might only work if you know how werid she is.)

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