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Posted:So Molly (a lovely British citizen) is allowed to stay in the US "For 3 Months" with a tourist visa.

If we drive up to Canada for a week or two on vacation, does that reset the Visa and she can stay another 3 months from reentry? Or does she actually have to go back to the UK?

Just wondering on the car ride home. Because Quebec is beautiful for vacationing. biggrin

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Posted:I dont know if it resets her american visa-- I know with other countries it does, but the USA can be weird...

On the Canadian side of things, make sure she is clear to come in to Canada, like with appropriate visa if needed, sufficient funds and all that. I would also suggest she not carry a sword. Apparently we frown on foreign nationals trying to enter Canada with swords on their backs-- never mind the kerosene soaked "toys"on chains... And watch out for those "friendly" drug dogs too.

If you plan to get to Montreal, let me know and I will put you in touch with some brilliantly fun friends of mine that do both poi and hoop...

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