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Posted:Just thought I'd let people know about what me and some of my friends do EVERY saturday night. We Spin/Poi in a little town west of the blue mountains called Lithgow (2hrs West of Sydney, 45mins East of Bathurst). It is great fun and have a really good, historic location. So if anyone is interested in coming here on a Saturday night, or is just in the area, feel free to PM me and I will let you know further details, because sometimes its good to spin with new people.

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Posted:Great stuff. Welcome to HOP. There is another two sections on the board called meet others and events that are more suitable for this post. hug

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Posted:sh'yeah, i'm currently in sydney but i'm to lazy to travell five suburbs to glebe, so i dont think i'll be making it to you any time soon!

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Posted:well, im sure that the mods will move this to the events section soon enough. you might find The Sydney Thread useful if your ever up this way.

Ill may be passing down your way in a few weeks - ill let you know.
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Posted:I used to live near Lithgow...if i still did I would be there no problem...



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Posted:I watch the Bathurst 1000 every year...

That was completely irrelevent but it's a great part of the world anyway.

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