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Posted:found this doing a search for ribbon sticks... thought you would all find this interesting!

interesting Poi


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Posted:At website. I wonder if she makes many sales?

By ribbon sticks do you mean a similar type of thing to a gymnast ribbon? If you do I make those!

Are we nearly there yet?


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Posted:I am fascinated by the Russian Boot dance one that provides polyuerathane "boots" to go over students shoes... mmmmm, classy!!

Did you see the one for maypole dancing?

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...



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Posted:I like the words they use on the site....

-"Double Long Poi," .....Yepp.....

-"Use pois also for bi-lateral rhythmic training"

12$ thought...but then again you DO get 12 foam poi's

good job Shibaki......made me smile

I like Fire.. :)


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Posted:Two questions:

1. How do I fit one of them black things in a CD player?

2. Where do I gets me some of them shorts?

A wise man once said to me, Hey! You! Get out of my wardrobe! and in a way, I guess he was right.


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Posted:That's great! I needed cheering up after smashing my knee badly while busking tonight.

That was just what I needed !

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