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Posted:The venue has changed, but we're still going and with full City Council permission yay
We're now in Jack Illott Park, which is in front of Civic Square. So instead of being in a garden bar, we're now outside, on grass, so there's a lot more space. So if you're in Wellington come and have a twirl!!

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Posted:Not there but say hello to everybody from Ann from Belgium!!!

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Posted:Hey guys, I'm from the Palmerston North Massey University Fire Club. I'm just wondering if we can do any joint function with you guys or can we come visit sometime during the year as part of our club outings?
Our contact is: pnmufc@gmail.com
It'd be awesome if you can email us when your next meeting/function comes up!


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Posted:14 April (as in Good Friday!) Plus Baretta is playing at Valve as well! Kill two birds with one stone so to speak! wink weavesmiley

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