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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Welcome to the new look Home of Poi!

You may need to hit refresh a couple of times, especially on the board. If the menu is white then this is probably the reason. hopefully!

Also note that the board has different display options that can be set in the Display Settings page. I'm still testing them all but there are a couple of options that might appeal to people:

HoP Alternate: different link colours and greyer (!)

HoP Bigger Text: for larger text.

HoP (Old & Grey): for nostalgic reason

Everybody like different things and we'll be keeping an eye on how many people use each option, so your vote counts!

I'd like to clarify that the only thing that has changed is the look. The structure and function of Home of Poi is unchanged from what it was yesterday.

Why the change?

Malcolm's been talking about wanting to move away from the grey look for quite a while, but neither myself or others have been able to come up with a new look that worked. There was something historic about the grey that defied the desire to remove it. Then Malcolm and I finally sat side by side in front of a computer in the Home of Poi lounge and started looking into what could be done. The site works as is so we immediately decided to keep the structure intact and work closely with what we had.

The result is something I believe does everything that we set out to achieve: a simple and classic design that lightens your screen and presents Home of Poi in a more professional light whilst retaining the layout, style and functionality we're all used to.

We hope that you'll all agree that this is a good move forward, although we're well aware that many people don't like big changes and will take time to settle into the new look. But compared to the last couple of changes this has been a lot easier! That comfy sofa with a depression the shape of your butt is still right there, we're just thrown a new cover over it.

If you do see anything on the site that isn't right please PM Malcolm or me to let us know and we'll sort it out as soon as we can. We'll also be making the occasional tweak here and there as we go along. My main concern is that there's a herd of random characters in the code courtesy of Seven, the Home of Poi cat, who really didn't like being ignored when I was coding!

Once again, thank you all for making Home of Poi what it is: a community. And many thanks to Malcolm, Cherry and little Jesse who gets extra thanks for all crumbled biscuits, wooden blocks and DVDs he's presented me over the past week! Thanks to him I know most of the "Blue's Clues" songs!

Dom smile

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Posted:hey lookie it works now!

thanks!!! hug

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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Malcolm, you are the dude kiss

*bows down in praise*

Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Posted:after initally having my eyes spontaniously start bleeding when i logged on, i think i've gotten to like the new look. wink

*kicks ucof up the **** when he bows down* tongue

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Carpal \'Tunnel

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4 Star?



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Posted:I quite like the 'frosted' scheme, but would it be possible to lighten the tone of the purple colour used on the background in the gallery?

Click gallery, then 'last day' or something similar -

the trouble is that user names below the photos and other stuff is in that turquoisy colour which is impossible to read on the purple background. perhaps a lighter lilac colour would work better and give more contrast?

thnx hug

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Posted:Yo, quick one here... On my @home@ page it politely lists my @new@ threads on my @favorites@. But when I click on one of them, the rest are automatically lost as @new@. This is only annoying becuause I then can't jump to my last read page of the other threads so I essentially need to look at which favorite threads are new since my last visit and try to remember them while clicking around the forums.

Seems a bit quirky and it's obviously not a big deal but I just thought I'd throw it out there.

I wonder if I've explained myself well enough.

Oh, and also, could you please get those pesky Brits to stop switching the @ and the " on their keyboards. It really screws me up.


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