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Posted:I dont want to do this, but I am gonna feel better after, so...

Last night my mate Mark died in his sleep, from meningitis. we all thought he had flu, as he felt ill, but...sadly not.

I just wanted to say, dont take what you have for granted,as you dont know how long it'll be there..

Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x

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Posted:that sux....
i know what you feel like...
two people i knew died this year....
in any case.....
death is booty man...
don't let it get you down....

-LuNcHbOx, Aka. Nathan...Give a man to fish, and that man knows where to come for more fish...Teach a man to fish and you have just destroyed your market base...


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hope things get better soon...

and thx for the reminder.

the other night i really wanted to call someone at 1:30am and tell them i loved them..(no, I wasn't under the influence).. but i thought it was too late... still havn't gotten ahold of them...

thx for the reminder that there isn't always a tommorow...

peace & love, kyri

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Posted:I'm sorry for your loss CPG - a difficult time of year for his family and friends.

And I also thank you for the reminder - take nothing for granted. Everything is a gift, and we are blessed.

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Posted:Carpe diem

Feel better soon CPG.




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Posted:just to say, I know exactly what you mean, about a month ago, one of my freinds that I'd known for 7 years died, due to solvent abuse. I hadn't seen him in a year or two, (I moved away from my home town a year and a half ago). The stupid thing was is that about a week before I got told the news, I was thinking about going to see him nex time I was down south. So I'm still going to see him nex time I'm back down there, but just to pay some late due respect.

Hugs to you,

other than that, I don't know what else to say


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Posted:Hey CPG. I am sure he knew he was loved, knew he was cared about by his friends.

You take care of yourself

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Posted:Hi Girly, I'm sorry to hear about your friend and would like to offer my condolences. My school had a lot of problems with menigitis and one of my good friends died in 1996 when we were 14.

I hope something good can be learnt from this tragedy, life is too too short to be wasted

best wishes

sol xx





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Posted:Sorry to hear about such misfortunes esp. this time of year.I'm going to quote a Transplants song becuz I thought it had an important message about the loss of loved ones.From "Sad but true"
"for all the mothers who cried and the fathers who mourned,for every life taken there's another child born,it doesn't make it better and it doesn't make it right,I'M JUST THANKFUL EVERYDAY THAT YOU CAME IN MY LIFE"
Hope you feel better soon


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Posted:I seems Like Death has been around me since I was 4, when My Father died. Death, one Never get use to it.
Loss is a sad thing, although I believe in the after life. Your friend will be back, and you may even run into them, somewhere in time. Our paths cross so many others, and we learn so much from them. It is hard to let go.
I send Nothing but White Cosmic Light your way, May you heal and move on.

~Fire Spirit




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Posted:God i am so so sorry for you cutie poi girlie, you have my deepest sympathy.
i lost someone i loved this year too Dave williams from drowning pool. losing someone you love close to you hurts the most too, so i deeply understand.

Rest in peace for all who we all have lost and god bless.

cutie poi girlie have a hug and i hope you fell better soon.

brock (aka fireboy)


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Posted:do you believe in the afterlife? im sure if this boy was worthy of your love he was a good person and will find fortune and happiness in his next life. thats what i have believed in for quite a while and its got me through the loss of 2 of my friends.
just remember he wouldnt want you to be sad. stay happy for him, and dont forget to look after your friends.

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Posted:I am so sorry to hear that.

What can I say?

I'm here if you need to talk, CPG. Just hit that PM button.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Oh CPG that's so sad I've lost a friend
and this year and it's so Hard to fill that gap.
. How your friend passed on at least was peacefull

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Posted:I am sorry for your loss, CPG. I, too, suffered the loss of a friend recently.
I last saw Teri at the Thanksgiving Day dinner my pirate reenactment group had at this restaurant by the harbor. There were about forty of us all in costume , swords and pistols included, all getting drunk and having a riotous time.
Then she disappeared and missed a rehersal. Then her body was found. She had been murdered.

We all have been saddened deeply and walking around like zombies. I find myself staring at the darkness, looking for answers. Our xmas "party" was a wake.

But I am more resolved now than ever to do everything I've ever wanted to do before die. I just came in from firebreathing with fire for the very first time. It was a symphony.




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Posted:Tear filled thoughts to you and his family for their headstates right now...

orange cosmic energy to all and hopes that he filled his life with good energies and shared them with more people like yourself

enjoy this festive time -for him also ...




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Posted:that is so fucked up.. a couple of days ago, a mate of mine died in his sleep... of natural causes apparently.. still waiting for coroners report... eerie...




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Posted:i am so sorry for you loss poi girlie!! sending you much love down the net to cheer you up!!

Liz_Ard: Ouch!
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Posted:hey beautiful,
i know we have never met but i cried nonetheless when i read your post. all my love and wishes are with u. i recently realised on a major scale that we cant take life for granted and since then i have been making sure that everyone (including myself) knows just how much i love and care about them. this must be a terrible time for you
if only it can help others to make the most of the time they have.

love, kisses and magikal wishes....



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Posted:Chin up baby, I think we all take things for granted, thanks for reminding me.

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.




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Posted:I guess everyone has said it before me, but I honestly feel for you and hope that you feel better soon...
I lost a good friend of mine last year in wierd circumstances - it was been just over a year and we still dont know what happened. This has definitely made it a lot harder for me to cope with - I have so many questions that cant be answered!
From what I can tell from your posting it sounds like your friend passed away peacefully and that is something at least, you can be happy that he didnt suffer when there is nothing else to be glad about.
I lost another one of my friends last Christmas in a car accident and a third just a couple of months ago who was hit by a drunk driver - my friend was doing the right thing and being the designated driver for her friends on a night out.
When my first mate died, I thought I would fall apart, I missed him so much that it hurt to think about it - but my friends helped me through it and I can now honestly agree with the cliched 'You'll feel better soon'.....
Take care, if you need to talk, msg me

We all take different paths in life, but no matter which path we take, we take a little of each other everywhere...


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Posted:my 's to you girlie. thanx four the reminder!

the night is darkest before the dawn



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Posted:Thanks 4 the reminder sorry u had to find out that way tho!

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Posted:Cutie Poi Girl,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss.I am sure your friend knew he was loved and cared for by all his friends and family.
I myself am not a stranger to the heart wrenching feeling of losing loved ones but i can tell you that little by little, day by day, you do begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel and start to feel better.
I believe in the after life and often sit in my room talking to my dad who passed away when i was only 9, the thought of him still being able to listen to me and be there for me when i really need him helps me to feel a whole lot better about losing him.
You are right about not taking people for granted, i try my hardest to always tell my friends and family i love them and to call them all up at least once a week 'just to say hi' in the hope that if something happens to them i will not sit there wondering "Did he/she really know how much i cared about and loved them?"

Take care and keep smiling
Sweet Pixie

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched...they must be felt with the heart...


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