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Posted:In two weekends time, theres worldwide demostrations against the continued occupation of Iraq in

Aalborg, Aarhus, Adana, Adelaide , Albuquerque, Alicante, Amsterdam, Ankara, Ann Arbor , Armidale, Athens, Atlanta, Baghdad, Bangkok, Bangor, ME, Barcelona, Basra, Battle Creek, Bemidji, Berkley, Berlin, Boise, Bonn, Boston, Bremen, Brookline Bruxelles, Budapest, Buffalo, Burlington, Calgary, Camden, ME, Caracas, Carbondale, Chattanooga, Chicago, Chico, Colorado Springs, Columbus, Comox, Copenhagen, Covington, Dallas, Davenport, Denver, Detroit, Dublin, Duisburg, Eau Claire, Edmonton, El Centro, Evergreen, Fayetteville, Fort Collins, Frederick , Fresno, Gainesville, Galveston, Genve, Gijn, Grand Rapids, Gteborg, Halifax, Hartford, Helsinki, Highland Park, Houston, Indianapolis, Irvine, Istanbul, Jakarta, Janesville, Johannesburg, Kalamazoo, Kansas City), Karachi, Kent, Ohio, Kuala Lumpur, Lake Helen , Lansing , Las Vegas, Lisboa, Little Rock, Ljubljana, London, Long Island, Los Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Madrid, Malm, Managua, Manila, Melbourne, Melbourne, Florida, Memphis, Midland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Mobile, Mobile - New Orleans, Mocksville, Montreal, Mountain View, Naples, New Bedford, New Haven, New York, Nicosia, Northville, Odense, Oklahoma, Omdurman, Orange, Oslo, Ossining, Ottawa, Palo Alto, Pittsburgh, Quebec City, Redding, Reykjavik, Riverside, Roma, Roxbury, Salisbury, MD, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Juan, San Sebastin-Donostia, Santa Barbara , Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santiago de Chile, So Paulo, Sarasota, Seattle, Seou, South Portland, Southold, Stevens Point, Stockholm, Sydney, Tallahassee, Tarragona, Tijuana - San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, Trabzon, Tucson, Vancouver, Victoria, Walnut Creek, Warsaw, Washington DC, Wellington, West Bend, Wien (Vienna), Wilmington, Windsor, Winnipeg.

So wherever in the world y'all are you've got no excuses for not goin. Come be part of something. Changes aint gonna be made by sittin on your ass at home watchin tv.

So who else's gonna be about in London?


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.


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