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Posted:Ok so its not poi......but I was watching the American Comedy Awards and this girl was twirling this stick and ribbon thing (I dont know what its called in Gymnastics) Well anyway....It looked really amazing with her neon rainbow colored ribbon!!!!
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so...does anyone do this type of twirly stuff or am I the only loser that wants to get in on this too???
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Posted:It's called rhythmic gymnastics. It's actually an Olympic event. Other apparatus are a rubber ball (about the size of a volleyball) and a hoop. And maybe one other? I forget.There's definitely some kind of intersection between rhythmic gymnastics and poi.

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Posted:I was a rhythmic gymnast for a long time.. that is where I got my poi skills from
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Posted:Finn has a ribbon and we're looking to make some more and incorporate them into our Routines. Sort of an "ice breaker" and can be just a bit of fun and more dancing and running around invloved!

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Girl From Mars
Girl From Mars

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Posted:i took gymnastics for 8 years when i was younger and i never got really into the rhythmic stuff but i did do some ribbon on my own at home just messing around, i haven't don't anything lately cause i've lost most of my flexiblity and skill but now that it's been brought up i might dig my stick and ribbon out of the basement if i can find it
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it's definately fun to play with.------------------the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

the music feeds my soul that glows and grows with every spin i take.

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