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Posted:Hello all Brisbane twirlers
I heard from a man in Byron Bay that i can buy ledtoys in Brisbane. But i forget where i can buy this toys so i wonder if u know?
Then i wonder where and the meetings are?

have a nice day

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Posted:Hi Jesper,

For Brissie meetings, try checking out these threads:

For Led Poi, a basic set I'd recommend are the Yoho ones which you can get for $30 a pair at Australian Geographic, or if you drop a pm to newgabe, she might be able to hook you up with a pair of Jill's (Melbourne) Led Poi which are really trippy. Other alternatives include the dull and overpriced (imho) globugs from Gooble Warming in West End.. and of course buying online in the HoP shop.

Good luck and maybe seeya around sometime. cool


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