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Posted:It's time for me to purchase a new ride. I'm looking for some experienced advice. Here's my criteria:

Excellent gas mileage (I'm talking over 30mpg here)
Fairly spacious

I'm focused on smaller, imported cars. In the running are the Mazda 3, Kia Spectra or the Kia Rio Cinco, Toyota Corrolla S and the VW Golf.

Anyone have first hand experience with any of these? Or anyone have other suggestions? smile

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Posted:i've always heard that kia's are good at first but have pretty bad mechanical problems down the road...toyota corrolla great gas mileage, pretty roomy depending on year, and fairly inexpensive, my vote is for Honda Accord-they last 4-ever, great gas mileage and as far as room--decent:) hope that helps, oh and i would stay away from hyundai's and fords both have a lot mechanical issues-case in point my 98 ford taurus that is out of commission due to the transmission and engine going out at same time-my wonderful luck:) hope it helped! oh yeah and hear good things about VW just parts are more expensive

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Born on a green light daddy-o!!!
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Posted:lol oh and imagine a girl giving a man advice on cars, welcome to the 21st Century ladies and gents we're taking over lmao biggrin, it does help that my mom is a mechanic too:)

When you're already walking on thin ice...why not dance?


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Posted:The Corolla is the best selling car in the world, Toyota are probably the best motor manufacturer in the world and are very reliable. If you're looking for economy + reliability + back up if something goes wrong they're probably your best bet. I won't be the prettiest, or the fastest, or anything else exciting but it'll go and go and go.

Honda probably run a close second.

VW are very reliable, but as Alice said, parts can be expensive sometimes.

Or, just go for any old car (15+ years) that'll cost nothing to buy. If it dies you won't mind scrapping it as it'll probably be the best value for money.

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Posted:I'd also choose between the toyota and the golf based on your preference. Avoid the KIA like the plague, there's a reason they're so cheap.


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Posted:*jumps on the band waggon*

yep........i'd put my money on either the toyota or the golf.

i would say parts for the golf (if it's a MK1) would be pricey. i can't remember the last mk1 golf i saw but i've always loved the MK2 golf


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Posted:My first car was an ancient VW Polo. The original engine was a beautiful thing- ran like a dream. The car itself was built like a tank. I was shunted by a long wheel base transit van, my car suffered no damage at all yet the front of the transit was completely stoved in. My understanding at the time was that certain years (e.g B plates) were very bad for rust, but that is something you would be looking out for with any car.

My current car is an imported Toyota, but not a Corrolla an Estima which is an 8 seater. I chose it for many reasons, one of which was the Toyota brand. I understand some models use a timing chain instead of a belt, which I think is far less likely to break, so you don't have that problem- but again, a change of cam belt is probably wise if you get a new car anyway.

By the way, where are cars imported from in the US? In the UK a lot are from Japan, but thet are right hand drives so I'm guessing yours would be from somewhere else..?


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Posted:I just sold my Peugot 306 alpine.

M reg
700 quid
550 miles to the tank
1.9 litre diesel engine

nice little run around

It never broke down (apart from needing new brakes coz the pads were worn.) I could get all my spinning stuff in it AND fit a pushchair and baby seat.

My advice is get a diesel coz it will hold it's price longer and the fuel economy is great. if you want it a bit sportier get a turbo diesel fast AND economic wink

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