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Quality of life?

As a number of you know I have suffered from Chronic Sinusitis since I was 16 years old (probably longer but my parents used to think I just had a really bad cold).

Since I was diagnosed when I was 16 I have been through a number of tests and taken many, many different over the counter and prescribed drugs. I have pretty much tried everything on the market. A new thing gets brought out on the market and I am put on it pretty much to see if it works.

When I was 19 I under went surgery to see if that would improve my quality of life. It did for one year (the cost of the surgery compared to how long it last was not really worth it would have been cheaper to try more drugs!).

So for the last six years I have again been on and off many, many drugs trying to find more things to help me out. I have found only one. The problem is that it is one of the most hardest to get prescribed due to the fact that it is also considered a dangerous and powerful drug. And I realised just how bad it was about three months ago when I was admitted to hospital from Adrenal Shock after the doctor decided he would not prescribe it to me anymore.

The drug (for those that know anything about medicine) is Prednisone (also known as Prednisolone) which is a corticosteroidso basically I am taking steroids.

Now after my stint in the hospital I was put back on the drugs to be weaned off them properly. Which was great cause that meant that not only was my asthma good but so was my sinusitis.

Now I am down to a measly 3mg and it is killing me. My asthma is shot and I am in absolute misery because my sinuses are giving me hell EVERY day. I am getting headaches, I am cranky all the timeetc, etc.

Now I know that the side effects and what this drug can do to you in the long run are BAD! Extremely bad.but I am only nearly 26 years old and if I am not on them my quality of life is absolute shite.

So my question to you today is.even knowing that a drug has the potential to be extremely bad for you in the long run would you take it to have some form of decent quality of life at the present?

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has anybody seen the movie Murderball? Very inspiring!

I have a pretty acute case of asthma. It does not seem as constant as some of those i've read above, but is definitley very frustrating for someone who loves to run and swim. It's pretty damn scary to be swimming out in the ocean and then not be able to breath anymore lol! In high school I could not participate on the athletics that I loooove so much because my windpipe was so prone to caving in.

Taking the meds sucks, but I am trying to lighten the load by doing lots of breathing exercises and long-distance running.

But I consider myself lucky...I have developed a LOT of patience and focus from all those times when I was young and could hardly breathe for hours on end. I don't believe I would be alive today if I were born in another time/place without the technology available to me in this life.

So yes, I consider myself very lucky, despite my disabilities.

Polarity - I'm happy to hear you're not on any anti-depressants anymore. I was taking SSRIs for a while and I quit over a year ago, but I am still afraid that I have done something terrible and irreversable to my body. Beer rocks! I like herbs as well (vaporized of course!)

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Polarity, do you spin fire? If yes, it might be good to look into protection (breathing and gloves), cause burning paraffin is just as bad as a plastic factory!

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I spin LEDs instead, although working with electronics exposes me to a few chemicals too.

It's one of the main reasons I'm on disabilty. I can't work in factories or shops because of the kinds of chemicals I could be exposed to. Even going out can be a problem, because I could be stuck on a bus or train with someone wearing a lot of perfume or aftershave (if the train is too packed to change carriages), or if I go through the station they might have been cleaning the floors with something pretty industrial.

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Written by:

So a real question is it not my decision, in the long run, to do with my body as I want? If that is the case then can I not request a doctor to make a prescription for this drug? It is my decision so can they legally deny me this? I mean it is not an illegal drug so I can't see how they could possibly deny my something that I have taken a lot of time to consider.

Gday Fi, thought I would pop in and answer this question as I'm doing a legal med unit right now. The doctors can not legally prescribe you any drug that is not suitable for your condition. Doesnt matter if you know every single possible thing that could go wrong and have considered it for ages, it is still illegal for them to prescribe it to you if it is against their best judgement. Even if you signed a waiver they can still get criminal charges laid against them. If you are damaged by their negligent actions then they can be charged with assault.
Doctors in Australia are super paranoid about being sued or being found negligent because of quite a few bullshit judgements made against them in the criminal courts.

Good luck with finding a cure for your condition. I advise for you to spend a heap of time regularly searching medical journals for all the latest research into your problem. The average doctor does not keep up with the latest medical advances. You may even find advertisments for experimental treatments/surgery which you may find yourself interested in, especially as its often much cheaper if not free in most cases.

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I've been there wink I have refused quite a lot of meds, including very strong steroids for ongoing hip problems (they give you awful longterm heath problems) and lithium for bipolar, ( it causes permanent nerve damge), and scary stuff intended to cure PCS.

I would say; research as much as you can, (preferably learn something about medicine and biology too) and then think about whether how they'll affect you in the future will outweigh the benefit of feeling better now.

I would personally advise against strong painkillers. They can be addictive. Just becuase it's prescribed doesn't mean it is failsafe.

I think society expects people to get healthy too quick now. Mainly so you can go work, i imagine :P