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Disclaimer - I'm a tad (ha) worse for drink than usual which has made me shorter of temperament than usual.

Tonight, not for the first time, I've been asked "Are you gay?" for being more eloquent/intelligent(?) than those around me.

I won't deny it, when I'm asked something like this or when I feel that someone's "predijouses" [[ I have no idea on the spelling of this - beliefs based on sterotypes]] merits it I will pretend to be more "gay" than I actually am.

But still, it makes me wonder. Are homosexual men (I can't really apply this to women) more elloquent that average? Or is that you women expect us heterosexual men to communicate in grunts and arm motions?

I'm not .. no, yes, I *am* offended, not because some one is questioning my sexuality but because someone is questioning my sexuality BECAUSE OF THE WORDING I CHOOSE TO USE.

So, as ineloquently as I can put this, with added arm motions, WHAT THE censored IS GOING ON? Why is it that when I use more syllables than expected or (heaven forbid,) logic my sexuality is in question?

Just to clarify, I have a girlie friend that I love dearly and, as far as I can tell, understands me (or is at least willing to listen and learn) so this is by no means a rant against the female race as a whole, just that section of it that I keep seeming to run into. Neither is this any kind of anti-homosexual thing. Maybe I'm a "Masculinist" but I object, just a tad, to this idea that heterosexual men are nothing but sperm donors/toys/objects of amusement that seems to be so prevalent in the (at least British) media these days.

Further disclaimer - Yes I'm angry. Yes I'm drunk. Apologies or further explanations may appear tomorrow.

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People keep thinking I'm a lesbian...

Not sure if that's better or worse.

According to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Dynamics, we may already be making love right now...

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I;ve had a few different gay guys ask me. And i must say i dont mind in the least. In fact i get a kick out of it. ubblol

And on top of that, i've had boys try to convince me that i was... or could be... wink gay if i' only give it a chance and admit it...

But hey. A compliment is a compliment and beggars cant be choosers smile

Love is the law.

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