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Posted:This is just plain odd. I really want to know how they did it though

elgooG - the Google mirror site

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Posted:How mad! That;s pretty cool though!

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Posted:.dreiw yllaer si taht ,eurT
!hguoht ti od yeht woh ouy llet tnaC

?yawyna ti dnif uoy did woH

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There's also Googlism It can be pretty funny, depends who you are? (in more ways than one)


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Posted:now that is bizarre.

you even have to put in your search terms backwards to get the same results as you would from google

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Posted:thats the official official head f*ck thread for sure!

it is impressive how they didi might be to do with a 'thing' in a program back in my hacking days. it a programme called sub 7 whihc you may or may not no is a back door trojan (basicaly if someone send syou the client and you run and opewn it in your cmputer, it opens up a backdoor into your computer so the person and many many others around the globe can do what they want to do to your computer)...right back on track...when i used to use it there was the funniest thing i have ever seen people able to could press the button and the users screen could either flip in the y axis (ie the screen flips left to right) or in the x axis (the screen flips up down) its a preety cool application...and before any one has a shout at me...i never ever did anything dangerous to anyones computer and i always told them how to close the deleting the hidden application burried deep in your windows directory.

thank you....btw the google mirror site has absolutly nothing to do with sub7 in the slightest.


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Posted:Googlism found my boss , his Name, Job title, the lot!!!!!
He's shitting his pants!!!!!!!!!
Oh, UCOF, I ran that trojan on one of my users computers while they were out on lunch, when she came back and asked me what to do about it, i told her to turn her monitor upside down and it would be fine, which see promptly did. It stayed like that for 2 months till the company director saw it!!!!!!!!!

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