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Posted:I was recently at a party watching a girl doing poi - there was one particular move she was doing but I couldn't tell how was done - I've no idea what its called...

Basically she was doing a butterfly (I think outwards) but seemed to be stopping the poi in mid air and turning them the other way or something like that, or maybe knocking one off the other - I can't really be more specific - it was so simple but looked really effective - does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about and/or what it might be called? Or can direct me to a previous thread about it? Thanks! smile

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Posted:I'd say it sounds like a butterfly airwrap.

The search isnt working at the moment but there's quite a few threads about them already.



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Posted:could be a stall, or wrap or a direction change airwrap.

dosnt really matter, but more details would do, did the stings cross? did the circle actually stop and go the other way?

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