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Posted:How on earth do I change my title?

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Posted:Once you've made 100 posts or more, which you have now, then you can go to my home and click on personal information. There is a box there that allows you to type your own in. smile

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Posted:I was going to say that if you're a really good citizen, the queen of the commonwealth might notice and you'll get to put some letters after your name, and maybe even get to be Knighted. Sir Daiz. smile Or, you could somehow become a Duke, or an Earl.

Is that the title you're talking about?

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Posted:I'm also going to mention that you can change the title of a thread you've started to be more meaningful to those skimming down the list of threads. In this way more people who are interested in your thread or, in this case, able to help will see you thread and come to your aid.

Thanks for listening to this public service announcement smile


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Posted:Written by: flash fire

you could somehow become a Duke, or an Earl.

my dad is an earl smile

its easy to become one - just get your mum to name you as such at birth smile

cole. x

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