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Posted:Ive come across it alot. Its here, this why im disliking Home Of Poi more every day.

When I first joined six months ago it was different, it was less chatty, more seriouse, post counts and member numbers actually meant something. Now its changed, it has become more chatty and as a result more people have joined, infact they have come in droves because of the laid back (ha and uptight now) attitude that has surfaced and as a result hop has become more popular.

As a result there are members who are slightly old school taking offense to it, they attack new members, jump on throw away threads which dont have any real substance to them and do everything they can to discredit it/the poster and shoot them down.

Ive talked to hoppers on msn who hate members because (and I quote) 'post crap'. Now this crap isnt anyhting offensive or controversial in social discussion which people might take offense too Ive asked why, its social chit chat mainly in there own introduction threads that they are taking offence too! Not even other peoples threads, nope there own. All the while these people who dislike certain members have there own huge introduction threads full of the same sort of posts as the people they dislike.

Most of it its done behind closed doors, in msn messenger and probably through pms, I have a feeling it might surface more because of the increased numbers on hop, and everybody coming across everyone on hop and variouse other ways, it might not it might just continue the way it is now only noticable to a few, who knows.

Im also gonna add if you dont like me or anyone else for that matter have the decency to stay out of my/there way because I will start publicly showing my dislike to everyone who does it, its really lame. If you dont have anything constructive to add to this topic, stay out of it too.

This is my inpression of hop, and it ahs been ever increasingly for the past six months.

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Posted:Reminds me of the time someone did the same thing about Doc Lightning's sexuality...right after one of OWD's posts. biggrin

Cue a paragraph of OWD making it very clear that he wasn't gay. ubblol

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Posted:OWD isn't gay?

Oh...dear... wink

-Mike )'(
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