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i recently got a set but i cant really figure them out. i know youre supposed to be able to juggle them without gloves but so far they have been burning the crap out of my hands and all ive gotten are a lot of blisters. first i used white gas without really thinking since thats what i use with everything else. then i read the instruction paper and realized it said USE LOW TEMPERATURE LAMP OIL in big bold letters and so then i used lamp oil and it still burned like crazy. there must be something im doing wrong. tell me what!

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Hi all,
I bought my boyfriend a set of fyreflies last December and they have had a few problems: wicks not catch fire, plastic catching fire, difficult to fuel, protective kevlar catching light despite being watered down, etc. We ended up using a plastic, long nosed teardropper to fuel them, which was very effective. One of the wicks wasn't catching at all and the other wicks were unpredictable, so we took them apart and changed the wicks for a solid piece of unfrayed rope that is not cut in the middle. Now it soaks up all the fuel nicely, makes a nice, even flame and ignites instantly. It looks fantastic and makes awesome trails!

We can also control the flame size a little by how much fuel we put on the internal wick. We are also about to replace the plastic caps with wooden ones because the plastic ones do catch alight, stink and are entirely out of place and unprofessional on any kind of fire equipment. We'll see how that goes.

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I actually own a set of these and am pretty giddy about them.
Sure they're not the greatest firetoy I own, BUT, they after you get used to them they are the only firetoy I have that I can use indoors without worrying about accidently dropping it.

Off course usually for indoor shows you have fireproof floors and all. But sometimes you just need a little filler and then these are quite nice. I agree with Tempest, Remove the original wick and use a full rope. And I did replace the rubber caps with cork. But when you sdjust them like this, they are a breeze to use.

I prefer to use quite some fuel because then the flame comes out of it's cage (remember to water down the kevlar). It looks like you're juggling pure fire. Sure you can get this with the kevlar balls, but I hate to use gloves. Oh and the firefly's can be ran up and down the arm without you getting burned aswell.

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I found them too springy for smooth juggling, they often bounced in my hands and were dangerous to multiplex as the coils sometimes stuck together.

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.


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