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Posted:Hi guys

Me and the Mrs are spending 2 months in Oz this winter. August/September, to be precise, and we're going from Melbourne round the east coast to Cairns.

Just wondering if anyone's got any tips on getting a decent camper when we get there, as it looks like the cheapest, most fun and most convenient way to get around when we're there!

Anyone got an idea of how much a reasonable (reliable) one would cost, on the road like? I keep hearing anything from about $4000 to $9000. Neither of us are black-belt mechanics but we figure that on the east coast you're rarely more than half a days walk from civilisation, if that.

We're hoping to park mainly in beach car parks etc but also in the national park campsites, if they're open all year...? Anyone got any good tips on finding a place to park up for the night? And dos and don'ts?

Any tips or advice would be great. We really can't wait to do it, but we're totally new to the whole independent travelling thing. We usually just plonk ourselves in a city and get public transport about smile

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Posted:we have an amazing camper/kombi that we are selling right now actually.
she is lovely- great body and has only broken down once in the three years that we had her and that was because a hose came off... so we put the hose back on. It has a double bed in the back, and is lovely to drive.
we dont wanna sell her but we have to pay our bills ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying
I know its six months before you need it but pm anyway for some advice if you like...we are asking $4500.00 if you are thinking about it..
Good luck and hopefully we will catch up when you guys are here! hug

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