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Posted:i keep getting asked by people why i do this crazy thing with fire, having heared my own reasons a thousand times i thought it would be intresting to hear how others got into staff and poi. if this question has been done to death i appoligies i just hope to hear some cool insightful thing.

What you don't know won't hurt you? well i intend to get to know as much as possible so that i can make sure no one else has to so they carn't get hurt.

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Posted:My stock answer is: "because it's cool."

They normally throw up their hands and agree at that point.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Cause ,
1 .I love hearing the powerful roar behind my ear's.
2. It's relaxing
3. It makes me happy
4. I can express myself
5. Bring's out my creativity
There's heaps but I've got to got christmas shopping

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Posted:"Because I can"...thats what I always say....
Then I tell them its great form of meditation...Then they usually mutter about hippies, and skulk away

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Posted:I just do it so all the boys will want to f*ck me.

(sorry, old crew joke from way back)

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Posted:so i can put on a dress light up and be like flash sorry jut kiddin FF


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Posted:quote:I just do it so all the boys will want to f*ck me.
Uh oh... time to defrost Godzilla and smack Flashes Ego back down to size.

[Relax people, she gets this way when she's in heat.]

As for me, I do it because I like it better than dancing. It's got more of a purpose. It's challenging. I like moving within the poi more than the playing with fire aspect. Fire's cool to watch but I don't really get more out of DOING fire than regular poi.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]



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Posted:I do it because it works really well to center and focuse my mind and emotions. It's a great way to relax you whole body and mind. It also provides me with something physical and real to work and accomplish as well. I put effort into my practice and as a result I can do something that I take joy in, plus others enjoy it as well. Alot of things you do in life don't give you such real results, you put effort into them and when it's all over you're like, so now what happens? Plus it just simply makes me feel good about myself, that I'm expressing myself in a somewhat exotic median.

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Posted:It's a lot easier to explain why you do poi/staff then to explain why you fire breath fire eat and do contact fire.


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Posted:because the most interesting hobby most of my friends have is watching tv.

I get bored with mundane hobbies, so each year I make sure I find something new, cooler and crazier than anything before. This time last year I really didn't think i'd be able to find something more, then 6 months ago I saw people spinning fire and thought "hell yes". Not sure what i'll be learning this time next year, but i'll keep you posted. On my list of other things for the next 6 months is contact juggling (ordered a ball today infact) and unicycling. Any other suggestions let me know



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Posted:I don't just do it so all the girls will want to fuck me.

However at the moment a date with Magnus seems to be; come to dinner, drink wine, see me play with some fire, go to pub, go to bed.

I love the Doggy-Dinner-Bowl look that (non-spinning) girls give when you stare into their eyes while doing the Really Fast Weave.

However this doesn't explain why I prefer to spin without anyone watching. I tell people it relaxes me, spaces me out, and that usually is an accepted answer.

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