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According to Wikipedia, they are New York City, London, Paris, and Tokyo.

Do you agree? I'd knock Paris off the list. If it gets to be part of the 4, then why not Madrid or Rome? Or San Francisco, for that matter?

And speaking of San Francisco...why the hell NOT San Francisco? Huh? I'd call that a Major International City.

So. What cities do you think should be on this august of the Four Major International Cities?


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I don't think any of the others qualify, altho the US might take quite a few in, say, the top 50. Unless you really meant america(s), in which case people might argue with you, or might argue with you ten years from now (re: Sao Paolo).

I'm not really sure Europe should be up for more than one right now either tho....

It really is a good question, I'm still only feeling confident about the top three. Anyone else for New Delhi? I've not been there, so.... only got reports to go by!

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New Hampshire has a point....

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New Delhi definately cosmopolitan... capital to one of the populous nations of the planet...

My favourites:

Americas: New York :rolleyes: Sao Paolo
Europe: London
Africa: ?? umm shrug
Asia: Bangkok
Australia: Sydney umm Melbourne wink

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but personally i would like to go to budapest and nairobi too
ooh and madrid

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