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Posted:The more i get around fellow poiers, the stronger the impression that dreadlocks is a necessary hairstyle for poiers gets

My concern now is that I'll never ever be able to grow dreads. Not that I dont like it, but my hair just dont allow me to.

Is that a problem?


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Posted: Written by: Stone

Only if u run out of wick wink

teehehe theres some truth in that.....

i coped a burnoff in the face at stone circle a few weeks ago (bad sudden gust of wind). it singed most of the little fuzzy bits, and made it stink or kero till i washed it (twice).....

but ill tell ya wat....

they locked up INSTANTLY, and quite well as well....

not that id recommend giving yourself a face full of fire. it was just a freak accident that did some good!!



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Posted:Haha i know what you mean with the dreads being necessary, the only person i know who does Poi properly in my area has them.... i just buy the fake dread multicoloured hairbands to take in and out! simple!


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Posted:im in the process of dreading mine up, i have the back half of my head sorted, but havent been able to get the rest finished... and my roots aren't very tight most of them are twisted at the top, rather than knotted... but soon, soon they'll be finished!!!! eey! bounce

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Posted:Is it true the only way you can get rid of them is to shave your head?


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The first time I had them a few years back I spent a month on and off untangling them...

It does take alot of patience but if you think about it it takes less patience than waiting for it to grow again....

(Although the amount of loose hair that falls out is rather alarming until you remember it's probably the equivelant of 1/5 years worth of natural hairloss)

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Posted:I regularly answer the same old questions...

Q - How do you wash your hair?
A - How do you wash yours? (after a blank stare, I'll explain)

Q - You have to shave your head to get rid of them
A - No, I can comb them out, but it'll be painful, so I keep procrastinating

I can't imagine the number of times I've answered those questions. (thrid most frequently asked question I get: How was Germany? To which I reply "german")

I've just been looking at some absolutely amazing pictures of dreads, and that always inspires me to keep growing mine smile Maybe if I think really hard, they'll grow faster... *strains to think hard*


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