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Posted:I am going after a falconry liscense when i move from NYC USA to Florida USA. any one here do falconry, or can offer some help? i would like to help any and all interested in falconry.

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Posted:errr......................last time i saw a falconry show the guy was daft enough to release his falcon just as some pigeons where flying by..................3 hours later he finally managed to retrieve his bird ubblol


Posted:lol i went hunting with my friend he has a golden eagle... i was flying a harris hawk. i would get a few birds and small mamals. while my friend was out catching me and bieng a complete censored hole about it. i found out were were bieng followed by a cyote when i saw one nearly eat my bird... then out of no where my friends golden eagle swoops down and kills the cyote shortly after carrying it a few meters. i was stunned beyond words. i just couldnt believe it. that day we just laughed and laughed we were beyond words with what we saw... it was amazing.

P.S. im gonna check with Burning Man Org to check if i can bring a bird of prey on the playa. i will have to build a shade structure which will need to be completely impossible to get in to unless you are me. it would bring some much needed open space. but not much hunting unless i bring my own rodents. i probably wont do this.

any way.

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Posted:you could see who does exhibitions at the renfair in that area...there is a guy who does falconry at the one here in bristol

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