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Posted:hay i no theres prolly some posts already sayin this but i couldnt find em'.

SO if u cant get your avatar pic uploaded from your computer try to host it on File Lodge if you dont have an account already then make one (itll take less than 2mins) and up the top there'll be a tool bar. select upload. find your .gif .png and so on and upload it get the URL of it and copy paste into the right field than voila' you should have your avatar biggrin

hope this helps smile


p.s like mine?

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Posted:You know you can upload avatars directly from your computer right? Using URL's for images is very risky; if you do not have appropiate permission, it can be illegal, this topic should be closed, already posted elsewhere.

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Posted:Why shouldnt it work?


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Posted:Written by: Daiz

You know you can upload avatars directly from your computer right?


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Posted:are peoples avatars within the size?

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