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Posted:I'm trying to learn the nunchaku now. Actually the Chinese style, and more specifically, the dragon style. Does anyone have an idea where can I find some resources about it?

PS: Sorry for the English, I'm from Bulgaria. cool

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Posted:nunchaku is a short reanged okinawan martial arts weapon.
there are flails in wushu (Chinese martial arts) but I certainly haven't read one referecent about nunchaku being part of a form from any of the major schools of wushu.

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Posted:There are Different styles!?! wow i just swing them about and try to avoid my head. Sorry my bulgarian friend a bit of english sarcasm there. I think you'll find most writing about nuchucks really confusing, i do. Try to get some videos off the internet or maybe buy a DVD. Good luck and remember keep a first aid kit and plenty of asprine near by because it really hurts, i've so many bruises and lumps from learning.

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Posted:was always my understanding the nunchakus were never any sort of traditional eastern weapon and that they came around in the united least thats what the history channel said lol...*shrug.....might be wrong

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Posted:When I trained in 7 Star Praying Mantis, my Sifu taught us several forms with nunchaku. The ones we used were wooden with a very short rope between the pieces of wood. (Shorter than anything I learnt from other sources).

Prior to this I thought it was a weapon that only occured in Okinawan Kobudo, or Japanese Styles that had borrowed from it. The fact that that Sifu had lived for many years in Japan.... perhaps he picked it up there? Calling it a chinese weapon?

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Posted:Sorry, but I wasn't specific enough - I was looking for some videos. More of the videos I have found were with the Japan nunchacu (shorter rope) or Amerikan (longer rope and shorter shafts). Also the tricks are very different - the Chinese style have similar moves to the moves from the staves and the poi.

Anyway, I have a teacher (who is also fond of poi smile) and I'm getting really well. I'll try to make a fire nunchacu in several months. I have to see which of the moves i know are impossible to make with fire, I think I'll cut off many of the moves.

Now I practise with a "wind nunchacu" (with some coloured... ribbons - not sure for the word smile) it looks pretty good when doing figure 8 and it's variations.



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Posted:Nunchaku... The main types are japanese (octagonal handles) and chinese (round handles). Trouble with learning them is that there aren't any formal katas remaining in existance. At least none of the originals, anyway.

One of the best places I've found so far is to go to
and just type "Nunchaku" into the search. Actually, that place rocks. There are poi vids, juggling vids... all sorts.

I used to know a site with stutorials for various moves on it, complete with .gif animations. If anyone knows where that is, I'd really like to get the link back.

As soon as I get good enough with them, I'm going to, buying a bunch of 12" glow sticks and hanving some late night whirly fun. =)

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