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Colin J
Colin J

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Location: Hastings
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Posted:Just eat your ice-o-crispies, and drink the izotonicade. For that added boost to the eyesore-elations.(its true- contact jugglers really do go mad ubbloco)


I just thought it would be cool to put a face to the name, this is the first vid I've posted here on HoP. I'm sorry for the youtubeness going on. This was me biting LTCs' bored vid :P


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Location: Bristol UK
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Posted:Mmm... That vid has me hypnotised so bad...

Rest assured My Isolations are gonna get practiced so hard now...

That Vid was awesome, dude!! So looking forward to hooking up again... biggrin

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Hey Colin!

Sweet as man, really liked that biggrin

Tiz mad how much you can do with a ball without it really "rolling" anywhere, awesome stuff cool


"...We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing......."


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Posted:Sick mate - really nice.

The tutting is sweet as, and the botting is pretty damn slick too!


Much respect

Am missing my CJ....

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Posted:cor blimey smile

beautifully slow, solid iso's.

loved it, especially from about 1/2 way through to about 2/3.

thank-you hug

cole. x

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i come to 'dis cafe quite a lot myself.
they do porridge."
- tim westwood


The Ministry of Manipulation
Location: Bristol
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Posted:Ditto. Nice one Colin. You've been practincing a LOT smile
thank you


with added berries
Location: Manchester
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Posted:wow, I don't do much contact, but that really was good. Well done! it's made me want to get my ball out again. biggrin

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Posted:mmm... very nice. slick moves an i like the way the choice of tune compliments the style while still putting a smile on me face... smile

It is our fantasies that make us real. Without our fantasies we're just a blank monkey' - Terry Pratchett


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hastings
Member Since: 2nd Jan 2004
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Posted:Reminds me of sitting on your bean bag being being hypnotised smile

Tis ace smile


Location: Swansea, Ma (US)
Member Since: 17th May 2005
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Posted:sick.. ^___^

You know what I'm thinking about right now? That's right, Tacos!

Colin J
Colin J

small member
Location: Hastings
Member Since: 24th May 2005
Total posts: 116
Posted:Cheers dudes. smileThat bit of tutting is crap compared to my usual.

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