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Dealing in Perception & Probability
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Posted:I respect your point, but don't agree with you. How hard is this for anyone to say? Most of us here have said it (or something close to it) in this forum. I end most of my debates with my friends with it. So why can't the majority of people, esspecially our "leaders", say it?

Think about most of the discussions/debtes you have had in you life. Some may have ended with one side changing views. but for the most part, they end in dead-lock. There's only so much anyone can say, about any one topic, untill you're just repeating yourself, and going around in circles. i for one hate repeating myself, and hate it when people do it to "stress a point." You're not stressing a point, you're adding stress to a situation.

So why not just say "I respect your point, but I don't agree with you" and end it? why do people feel the need to hammer their point of view into your head? What do you guys think, am I right for thinking this way, or am I just a dork for thinking people could be respectful in debates?

Reason I'm asking. I was having coffee with a friend of mine of over the weekend, and we got to talking about local issues. With out boreing you with the spacifics, let's just say that she could, or would, not let the topic end. We got to the point were I said I respect your point etc. But she kept pushing her point for the next hour......I love this girl to death, but if I would have had duct tape, I would have used it ubblol

Legal and illegal are a point of view. All that matters is morality.

If there's a shadow in your life, then there is also sunshine. Perception is everything.

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Posted:I think when dunc said

"An opinion cannot be wrong, it is an OPINION, not a fact "

that it was only his interpolation from the definitions above

An opinion can certainly be wrong where the person is unaware of ,misinterprets, or ignores the facts. which support the opposing view


playing the days away
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Posted:If you deliberately ignore facts, ie make the decision after accepting a fact but not admit it to others and still state something you know to be incorrect then it's a lie, not an opinion.

Written by: Dave
nevertheless, in the context of an everyday conversation/debate (or maybe an on-line discussion on a spinning board?), I do believe that few would quibble if someone said 'that opinion (that the Earth is flat) is wrong'

I certainly won't dispute that smile

Written by: Dave
But, who am I to quibble, with my notoriously badly worded posts and limited reasoning ability

Oooh where did that come from? I thought I was the sarcastic one in here! That's two bouts of sarcasm in only one thread! Yey ubblol hug


Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:but how do you determine the point when the evidence becomes strong enough that the opinion becomes unsubstantiated and turns into a wrong fact? Isn't that a matter of opinion?


"Switching between different kinds of chuu chuu sometimes gives this "urgh wtf?" effect because it's giving people the phi phenomenon."


playing the days away
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Posted:oooh.....good point. Iguess it would be when it becomes beyond resonable doubt, but then that's opinion too.


Certainly a floor to my logic, I've never really taken it to the enth before, but at least I still know what I mean biggrin

It's great how a small sentance is the first thing to make me question my own logic, after getting through such a myriad of over written posts hug

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:besides I forgot: thanks to Sethis and Jackit... hug


Besides: what's fact today, is a lie tomorrow and forgotten day after... there were enough "facts" that have been around until they were proven wrong... shrug it's a wrold of trial and error

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink

shen shui
shen shui

no excuses. no apologies.
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Posted:yeah, no absolutes.

everything is relative.

(even this).


those that know, dont say. those that say, dont know.

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Posted:The opinion can be measured by the validity of its logic and how well supporting evidence relates to the conclusion.

An opinion might be logical but unsupported...or it can be supported by facts that do not actually relate to it - neither option is very convincing IMHO. If we change the word 'opinion' to 'argument' (I think we can for the sake of this discussion) it becomes a bit clearer I reckon.


although - if you are talking about apples and oranges (ie : I prefer apples to oranges) then anyone who is trying to convince you that you should prefer oranges should get a life smile

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