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PelePeleBRONZE Member
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Without getting into religious debates, which holiday do you celebrate this time of year and how so?

I celebrate Christmas in the family sense, not religious sense (read: SAnta and food) with my son and family. We do the gifts in the morning, go to someones house for food and more gifts, go to another house for more food and more gifts, get too fat and lazy to unload the gifts when we get home! We do all the decorating and such as usual, tree, stocking, lights, lalala....

I personally celebrate Yule/Midwinter with my friends. We have this party where we stay up all night, light the place with candles instead of lights, have amazing amounts of scrumptious food, play games, trade gifts, tell stories, play music, make handmade ornaments to trade the next morning and we watch the sunrise with warm drinks and then this big hot meal that stays in our guts while we sleep the next day away. It is really my favorite part of this hectic holiday season (aside from my Dickens show).

Next year will be strange, as it will be Christmas in the summer for me and summer solstice instead of winter..(hint,hint )

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MikeGinnyMikeGinnyGOLD Member
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I guess I sort of celebrate Chanukkah. Except this year I totally blew it off. I try to at least acknowledge most of the Jewish holidays, just because that is my culture. It's hard when there aren't many other Jews around, though...and when your family is in California.

My family used to celebrate Christmas to the point of doing Santa Claus. This is mostly because of my mother. See, she grew up in a community where Jews were expected to conform and assimilate, so her family even had a Christmas tree in their house.

As far as I am concerned, I acknowledge Christmas, but I don't do much about it. I'm not Christian. On the other hand, everyone else celebrates it, and I've gone to a number of friends' Christmas dinners and Christmas parties, and I always invite them to celebrate Chanukkah with me. I'm a Jew, not a party-pooper! Any excuse for a party is fine by me! Besides, egg nog is underappreciated.

And that's all I have to say about that...


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SickpuPpySickpuPpyNinja Rockstar!
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I celebrate Festivus. I really like the whole bare chested wrestling to air grievances. I tend to have a ton of greivances with very attractive women around festivus.......

I also celebrate any holiday that involves massive amounts of drinking. Whether I belong to that group of people or not.

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queen of wandsmember
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Christmas is a somewhat weird time of year for me and my family. When I was little and my relatives were still alive it was great, but as time went on they gradually all passed over and now its just my immediate family (which is a bit tense at the best of times). Everyone else in my friendship circle has their own family functions to attend. Although we do the whole presents thing its on a much smaller scale cos my brothers and I are far too old for santa!

This year I've decided to go help out at a soup kitchen so at least I will be out of my quiet house and the reminder of my relative's absence. I work in hospitality so watching people being fed and looking happier for it really pleases me.

On a happier note, being all southern hemisphere and all I usually celebrate midsummer privately. I go to the paddocks near my house overlooking the creek, burn some fresh incense, watch the sun set and reflect on the year passed.

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RoziSILVER Member
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I celebrate Christmas as part of my family. And yet, since I left England, I do miss the part of the celebration that relates to Christmas in winter.

I am quite happy to celebrate Christmas in July, going back to the snow, having a full Christmas dinner. Because I do miss that in summer in Australia.

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FireSpiritFireSpiritSILVER Member
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Wow Pele! I want to spend Christmas with you!
We do presants for Christmas, but I work at a ski resort and work/ski Most Christmas's. We do the gift thing the night before. Last Christmas we didn't have a tree, so I put up a green sheet. I tacked it up like a Christmas tree, and put the gifts under it. It was OK, there was lots of room and no mess. I left it up till march! i never wattered it and it Never died!
When I lived with my family though, we always had a good time,the whole family would all get together.
However, I would have loved to party hop!


KajiKajiQuantum Theorist
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I celebrate Yule too Pele (although yours sounds alot better then mine). Me and my girlfriend do food, presents, Yule tree, good times. Have fun. Then I get drug to some X-mas thing that my family is doing. My Mom's side of the family usually celebrates X-mas on Yule. And it basicly is Yule. The presents, the feast, the tree. This year I'm going for a none denominational grace/blessing. And there are other X-mas celebrations that I go to over the next little while. If I play my cards right, I can get 4 or 5.

Happy Yule, and blessed be in this time of the year were everybody is nice to each other.

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