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spinning for ages
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Posted:Well hello all you lovely hOppers...been a while since I was wandering these pages...but am now in london for a while, and am looking for some extra ways to earn some of the pound sterling, and was wondering if anyone knew of people who have had work in clubs etc?? I have performed as part of a fire performance group in Australia, but also have a really nice set of light wand/poi things that look brilliant to be spinning...which would be lovely in a club!!

Ummm any ideas, suggestions, hints of where to go ask, who to see...well and for that matter any london spinners who wanna meet for a spin in this cold cold weather...feel free to drop me a line

seeya foobs

fe fi foo fun

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Posted:Hiya, Id love to watch fire spinning performaing in London this month but Im still looking up for meet up the group in London. practing fire spinning and also poi in London. Im coming to London soon.

If you know when and where in London! Thanks!