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tatttySILVER Member
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i seem to have a touch of the fairy grumps at the moment and am letting my smelly house mates get to me...

what's peoples views on how true tarot readings are? the guys i live with seem to find it highly amusing that i believe in them, they even tried to tell me that fairies aren't real the other day!!!

tatty xx

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MikeGinnyMikeGinnyGOLD Member
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I had a Tarot reading at a Ren Faire and it was complete gibberish.

But then again, I don't know that they are all complete gibberish. I just know mine was utter nonsense.


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I used to read tarot cards as a job, and i did it very well..... in my opinion they are very very real.... i fortold 3 of my friends deaths and they became fact and true, and how they happened was very close, i held myself responsible for a long time and havn't gotten over it yet, so i havn't even touched my cards in about a year

so when you do ever get your cards read, hold some skeptisizm, but keep the thought of what the reader said in the back of your head, i do believe in alot of mystics

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ValuraValuraSILVER Member
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Posted: really have to find a good reader that you feel comfertable with...Its like a need to feel safe and comfertable with them before you feel ok about them pokeing and prodding you right?
I read for a living at the moment and I find that readings that I have taken part in and have witnessed have occured for many different reasons...Maybe the quearant needed some healing or needed to have some issues clarified for them....
Whatever the reasons I have always found that people feel a lot lighter and positive after a good if you believe that they are helping you then there is nothing wrong with that...
I have quite often heard of things confirmed for people that the reader couldnt have known...Im a staunch believer...
Take what your 'smelly' flatmates say with a grain of salt...If you feel good about what you are doing thats all you need...
BTW... FAIRYS ARE REAL!!!!!! we have a beautiful one who resides here called Ros....

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RoziSILVER Member
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I can remember discussing this with you before, Valura!!!

I have a slightly different slant on readings. I believe that a good reader is a person who can read the person in front of them (the cards are just an aid, like a meditation tool). They pick up, almost at a subconscious level, on the mannerisms and speech patterns of the person in front of them, and by the skilful asking of questions, find out more detail about their lives. From this they can make an accurate prediction about what will happen if this person continues on a particular course of action. (this, of course, may change).

This has some pretty major implications. It means that whilst a good reader has an amazing skill, an ability to be attune with those around them, there is nothing mystical about it. And also it means to make the most of a good reading, you shouldn't expect the reader to do all the work. You should expect questions and respond to them honestly. The reader will probably only be able to make limited predictions about the people in your life (partner, family, friends), because the only person that is there is you, and they will only be able to read your views on the subject. So if you know yourself and your partner honestly, then you may get an accurate reading.

You should take from a reading what rings true. If it doesn't feel right or correct, it probably isn't.

A bad reader will sit back and "guess" who you are without listening or asking you about yourself. So a bad reading will probably end with weird predictions about your life that are completely opposed to where you are coming from.

I used to have a game going with one of my friends called "world's dodgiest tarot" where we would see who could get the most unrealistic reading. I think my favourite was when we went to one reader right after each other, and she basically re-hatched exactly the same predictions.

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I read a little myself.. although haven't been doing it for a long time..probably around 6 months.. I wouldn't call myself a very 'good' reader..

Definitely a good reader is important... although I believe a good reader can tune themselves well with the vast majority of ppl.

I have occasionally found a link between using tarot to premonition-like mindsets - e.g. occasionally reading tarot will spark off the other one. Anyway..

A lot of what I have found with cards, however, when doing a good reading for myself or for friends, is that they always answer the question posed. But more often than not, I find my readings reflect exactly what I already knew (deep down, subconscious) before I started asking the cards.

They will bring to the fore what I was already suspecting was going to manifest. And often make me (and others I have read for) wake up to ourselves in the way that sometimes we delude ourselves.

I have often felt a little drained after doing a reading that I have focused 100% of my attention on for a while. Not brain drained or physical drained really..just different. It usually passes in a few hours though... and doing a bit of tai-chi also really helps.

I could talk for hours on this subject however will finish with this... there's no question for me whether or not tarot 'works' in a sense of 'predicting'.. and it will continue to work regardless of how many disbelievers there are in your house

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SickpuPpySickpuPpyNinja Rockstar!
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Damn, Rozi. You beat me to it.

It's not the cards. It's the reader.

You can't very well expect to throw out some random cards and think that this will outline your future. To be a skilled reader you need to be a little psychic (I'm not talking about bending spoons, mostly just intuition) and the cards serve as a switch to open a channel for the reader, or maybe more like a flashlight to dimly illuminate key forces and events leaving the reader to feel out the detials and then translate for the querant.

I don't believe in faeries though. When I was in Ireland I went faery hunting at the giant's causeway (as that place is supposed to be infested with them, and I heard they taste like blue skittles) and I didn't see a one. I did see some really big slugs though.

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DeepSoulSheepDeepSoulSheepGOLD Member
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I only had a reading once before, not too long ago. I would agree that the reader makes a big difference because I could sense that she was reading me as well as the cards. I went in with an open mind and was carefull not to make it too easy for her.

I promise you I walked out of there stunned. I say STUNNED, like I couldn't believe how many things she had hit so well that she could never have known about.

I ran off and told a friend and they laughed at me and started taking the piss out of me. So I told them to have a reading done and afterwards they were like me. Tell your friends to stop being so closed minded cause they're only denying themselves. Drag one of them down there or something.

Have a nice day!

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tennisBRONZE Member
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i have been very interested in many areas like this (tarot, black/white magic, scrying, numerology etc.) for a long long while and i have come to my own conclusions. Many tarot readings are not worth the time spent on them. The 'reader' must be experienced and be honest. but as well as this the 'reader' must have faith in what they are doing and want to read simply because they trust wht they are about to do and are not involved in this area for personal gain (status, self interest and so on)
But tarot is a two way interaction the person who is having their cards read must use the information as a general guide, i know of many people who base their lives on tabloid horoscopes or tarot readings. Tarot is not your destiny it is an outlook into what is approaching.

And natalie tell those smelly flatmates that the faries will exact their revenge for not believing....when they least expect it!! mwah ha ha ha haaar


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tatttySILVER Member
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My reading did help me loads especially with dealing with my mums death, so im going to take your advice and go with what feels right. She was a good reader, its just not nice when so many people always find negative in everything. Im gonna stick with getting my cards read, its a great help when trying to understand things.
Ta for your responses.
Long live the fairies!!!


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*they used to read me stories, as though my dreams were boring*

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oh man i TOtally disagree. i think that you can, as a reader, use all those things like body languaege, mannerisms to affect what questions to ask, and how to speak to them so they will stay open, and even foresee the future, but there is a level to tarot that is deeper than that. what you are referrigng to, of course, is the earthly plane, merely the manifestations of "higher" realms. the tarot can let you see through the soupy veils of such things and connect to higher levels of vibration. it's like a telephone call to your guardian angel. or rather a game of charades with your guardian angel. i think that whether or not you get a reading or not is affected only by who does the reading, and if you as a third party are open to the truth of it. sometimes the reader will say things that cut to the very core of a person, and say or know things that are so profound and specific that the truth is undeniable. it's at those moments when the whole world opens up to a person, and they see themselves as nothing more than the whole universe.

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I believe like most things "spiritual" or "mystical" it is totally dependant on what you think and feel,- beliefs...are just that. if it helps you to know what may happen in the future or if it helps to believe in little grren men, then more power to ya, and the hell with yer roomies thoughts.

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Well I don't think there is any debate that a very sensitive person can find a lot of information about you through questions and observation of body language mannerisms etc..

Subconciously people who want to get a good tarrot reading will slip out little bits of information that the tarrot reader conciously and subconciously picks up. So that accounts for a certain amount of tarrot readings being correct.

Secondly a lot of people say it takes just the right tarrot reader to give you a proper reading. Well how many tarrot readers do you go through before you find the right one? 2? 4? 5? The more you see the more chance they are going to get something right. Now when they do get something right rather it be the first time you ever have a tarrot reading or the 5th time, you are going to be amazed and the next time you go to see them you are going to be dropping many more subconcious hints. Which increases the probability of 'truth' and the amount of times you go to see them. It's self perpetuating.

although I have never had a tarrot reading from what I have seen on TV and what not the readings are increadibly vague and symbolic and absurdly obscure. If you make something ambigious enough whatever biases one has will cause you to subconciously modify any interpretutation.

Lastly I think when any sort of fortune teller tells you your future you subconciously alter your actions to help make the predictions a reality.

If you combine all of these points I think the chances of a reading matching an outcome is pretty high.

It's pretty amazing what biases and your subconcious can make you do.

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